Mezzo Collection

Mezzois a private art museum dedicated to promoting Taiwanese artists . In addition to the current exhibition each season , the Collection Exhibition includes many Taiwanese artists. Welcome to visit.

About Mezzo

mezzo, which sets the tone for extraordinary art and also loads our expectations for this space, a private art museum born purely for sharing art collections. Today, I’m here to listen to a little piece of music, watch an excellent work, what a beautiful daily interlude!

Lee Kuang Yu (1954-)
Lee Kuang Yu


Unrestrained Ox

Goddess of the Earthly Creations

Hsu Yu Jen (1951-)
Hsu Yu Jen
Color Ink Painting on Tofu Pallet Series
Joy Hsieh (1967-2017)
Joy Hsieh
"Non-Space" Series
Welcome to Visit!
Address| No. 80, Section 2, Changrong Road,  East District, Tainan City
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