Gear Up for Hunting

Razer Express is a professional archery, hunting and shooting accessory supplier.   We are Taiwan Company with manufacture base both in Taiwan and China which provide competitive price in the market.

Razer Express strives to bring the best in product quality to our customers.  We’ve developed a great reputation for providing the best products in past twenty years.

Now, try our products and gear up for hunting!    
Broadhead and Field Point

● Aircraft-grade 416 stainless steel broadhead ● MIM precious metal injecttion broadhead ● Field point with O-ring ● All available in 100 and 125 grains

Arrow and Crossbolt

● Carbon arrow: 2” vane,  +/-0.006″ straightness tolerance, available in spine 300 – 400 ● Crossbolt: 4” vane, half moon nock and alumnium Insert ● Fiberglass arrow

Archery Accessory

● All metal construction arrow rest ● Ultra light quiver ● Caliper release

Shooting Accessory

● Fully adjustable gun rest ● Foot operated target thrower ● Hand target thrower ● Recoil pad

Shooting Targets

● Resetting target ● Paper target stand ● Self healing target 

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