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Products of industrial coatings
We are major on production of industrial coatings with excellent performances such as abrasion resistance, weathering resistance, salt spray resistance, which can use on kinds of parts including metal, plating, plastic.

Water-based coatings
For a friendly coexistence with the natural environment, in 2000, we have launched water-based industrial coatings and are rich in water experience in the development of environmentally friendly coatings.
Customized product
We take customer needs as the guide to provide customized products, but also take into account environmentally friendly products with low VOC, low odor, and low pollution.
Water based primer for metal
The DW P series is the water-based primer, which is a baking paint for coil metal. DW P series has the advantages of usability and convenient operation with low odor. Besides, the product will have several benefits such as excellent water resistance, flexibility, weather resistance, metal adhesion and other advantages.
Water based clear coating for metal
DW L series provides bright and matte appearance effects, and with low odor. The metallic coating have excellent water resistance and the corrosive effect of salt spray after finishing. This baking finish has the advantages of physical properties such as adhesion to the primer, abrasion resistance, toughness, and so on.
High wear resistant coating
DW T series metallic coating contains special nylon to make the coating has better wear resistance and chemical resistance due to thermoset cross-linking reaction. After baking finish, it exhibits good adhesion and delivers consistent performance with superior surface protection. Other than that, it is suitable for a thin coating.
Water based baking
finish for electroplating
ST L/M series is water-based coating with low odor. The baked coating provides a tough finish that is stronger and corrosion-resistant. It is well dispersed when spraying, forming a coating with high gloss, and harness performance. The baking finish has good corrosive effects of salt spray on different plating materials.
Water based coloring
coating for electroplating
YL L series water-based baking paint with low odor and provides silver, black and archaistic color effects varied to the electroplating work piece. After heat curing, the baked coating has good corrosive effects of salt spray, and excellent performance of physical properties such as adhesion, color effect and toughness.
Air drying type of water based paint for electroplating
YL silver series is water-based paint with low odor. The single-liquid type of silver color maintains high gloss after drying, which has an astounding film appearance. Plating silver color is used to protect the work piece from oxidation, make it more durable and protect it from scratches.
Water based varnish for industrial paint with air-drying type
ST varnish is the single-liquid type with low odor and has good water resistance after drying. It’s a clear air-drying, and finishing varnish designed for applications where oil, moisture, and acid-resistant coatings are required, and is often used as a final coat as giving hard, glossy, protective, and water-resistant coating.
Water based industrial paint with anti corrosion
ST H series is easy to use with low odor and treating a metal product with a very thin coating. This baked coating improves the metal surface including corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and reduction of friction, and also can features with high gloss, hardness and corrosive effects for electroplating work pieces.
Water based clear coating for accessory parts
DW S series can be well dispersed during spraying, and form coatings with high gloss, hardness, provide the comforting touch and create smooth surfaces that are just as pleasant to touch for electroplating work pieces. It has good corrosive effects of salt spray on different plating materials.
Water based primer for plastic
Arc series has introduced coatings suitable for various plastic materials with good adhesion, including single-liquid type, the water-based double-component and low-temperature anti-corrosion paint. The coating has excellent film fullness. With special additives, they can exhibit good adhesion and outdoor durability.
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