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Smart Machine

What is smart machine and the applicable smart solutions for smart machines? For information about automatic machines and the latest machine technology available to be used in business and production, this website has it all for you. Smart machine and smart solutions are evolving every second, it is certain that the coming labor and manufacturing efficiency start with this future machine technology.

Smart Machinery Industry 4.0

The Revolution of Industry 4.0

As the world enters a new phase of industrialization that is Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and smart machinery have become crucial. Thus, Taiwan’s status as a hub for global machine manufacturing is called into question. How can Taiwan’s machine manufacturing industry innovate and combine with emerging fields? How can the factories that use traditional modes of manufacturing integrate with Industry 4.0, and jettison themselves into the new era of production?

Smart Machinery Industry

A Smarter Industries Through Smarter Machinery,How Taiwan Plans to Advance Major Industries

As the Taiwan government advances on with its push for greater innovation across five different major industries, industrial leaders are already starting to utilize the first wave of smart machinery industrialization.In efforts to improve Taiwan’s industrial capabilities, five major industries, have been targeted. Electronic information, automotive and vehicle parts manufacturing, machinery and equipment, the food industry and textile industry, comprise the five targeted zones. Through integrating these industries with smart machinery, greener sources of energy, and IoT (Internet of Things) utility, even biotech and defense technology, and thus improving overall output, Taiwan will be able to better secure the Southeast Asian sales market.

Applying Smart Machines and Manufacturing

Pushing for Smart Change: How Taiwan Is Applying Smart Machines and Manufacturing to Its Industries

Smart machinery integration has proven to be the most important trend within the manufacturing industry in recent years. As a global manufacturing center, Taiwan holds a grasps on the pulse of Industry 4.0, which has allowed Taiwan to integrate different elements of smart machinery and manufacturing to through its technical service industries. By doing so, Taiwan has been able to develop integrated solutions to provide innovative, branded, customized or intelligent products and services which enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan's smart machinery tool industry.

Smart Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Apart

What Sets Mechanical Systems Apart From the Traditional?

Taiwan pushes to upgrade to precision machines and smart mechanization to optimize an industrial transformation across the country. At it’s very base, utilizing precision industrial manufacturing machinery, and bringing together capital communication technology and smart technologies, Taiwanese factories will integrate seamlessly with emerging smart mechanical systems technologies, providing manufactures access to new and improved tools, like fault prediction, accuracy compensation, automatic parameter setting and automatic scheduling. These new tools are essentially optimized mechanical systems. They are systems that utilize smart mechanical technology to improve output.

How Smart Machinery Is Advancing

How Smart Machinery Is Advancing More than Just Manufacturing

It is no surprise that smart machinery has and the potential to advance manufacturing sectors in an array of unforeseen ways. In fact, many cutting edge manufacturers are already experience the advantages of smart machines. But what about Smart Service? Can the machines of the future utilize these same technologies to the same degree? As we will soon see, artificial intelligence technology can not only strengthen the advantages of smart machinery manufacturing and innovation, but also make it possible for smart service robots to quickly enter the workplace to compensate for the labor shortage caused by aging population.

Global Smart Machinery Capital

How Establishing a Global Smart Machinery Capital Can Benefit Taiwan

Through advancements of precision machinery and the energizing of communication technologies, Taiwan aims to introduce smart machinery technologies and build a new ecological system for the smart machinery industry. By constructing smart production lines and quickly linking with consumers by way of the cloud computing, a networked manufacturing service system is formed. The promotion strategy includes three parts, namely “connection through the ground”, “connection to the future” and “linked to the international.” Through this strategy of promoting smart machinery, Taiwan sets itself up as the global smart machinery capital. Essentially, this would make manufacturing districts something of “smart city,” a demonstration area for smart machinery to show the world.

Smart Machinery Intelligent Operation Management

Smart Machinery Intelligent Operation Management, Predicting and Solving Our Problems

Industry 4.0 will undoubtedly bring many advancements and improvements to intelligent systems and our lives. Part of this will come from the utility of smart machinery in manufacturing. One major benefit will be through operation management. The Intelligent operation management tools that smart machines provide allows for predictive strategizing, real-time data analysis, and accurate supply chain processing. This is of course achieved through the IoT (Internet of Things), the machine to machine communication of the Internet of Service, and through big data analytics. Add artificial intelligent systems to this, and the level and degree of automation grows exponentially, eventually defining our future smart cities.

Condition Monitoring and Control for Safety

How Smart Manufacturing Can Improve Monitoring and Safety

The revolution of the IOT (internet of things) will have a marked impact on manufacturing. Through integration with smart machines, smart manufacturing will change our notions of what it is to be a factory in tomorrow’s world. Optimizations will come to all aspects of manufacturing process, like operations management and supply chain management. In light of this, it’s important to not discount the changes and improvements that smart manufacturing will bring to safety and monitoring. Smart machine technology will become a term that encapsulates what is known as smart machine safety. Through the same processes that provide machine condition monitoring, factory floors and production facilities will be safer than ever.

Smart Machine Maintenance

Strategies for Smart Machine Maintenance and Update

In unprecedented ways, the IoT (Internet of Things) can improve the way you manufacture. Smart machines and smart machine technology are all parts of what is called Industry 4.0, a revolution in industrialization that will bring optimization and automation to new levels. But what about maintenance? What about upkeep of these machines? Just like normal manufacturing machinery, smart machines need smart maintenance. With proper upgrades and updates, smart machines will continue to bring manufactures the best in automation. Luckily, updates and maintenance can be easy with IOT, as smart machines’ can notify humans when updates and maintenance are needed.

Artificial Intelligent Machinery

How Artificial Intelligent Machinery Will Shape Our Future Factories

Future machine technology is exceedingly growing to include the IOT the (internet of things). Smart machines are but an example of this. But in the distant future, there will be even more of this kind of machine intelligence. The latest machine technology utilizes more than just connected networks, but also includes smart machines with cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Smart machine companies are poised to dominate this new market and new future.


Machinery Industry Chain in Taiwan

What do you think is a “machine”? Is it a device generating products? Or a labor-saving tool that can be applied to a certain field to facilitate efficient work flow? Machinery industry has always played an important role in the economy of Taiwan, and the latest industrial trend is definitely smart supply chain, or industry 4.0 supply chain. Besides, the machinery industry in Taiwan is striving to transform itself into smart machinery industry. Do you know what these popular words mean? Let’s take a look at the current status of machinery industry in Taiwan and how new ideas such as smart machine technology will facilitate the industrial upgrading of Taiwan.


Electric Vehicles Consist of Components Made from Taiwan

As people around the world are more and more aware of the need for environmental protection, electric vehicles have become a trend in the global car market. Electric vehicles are powered by solar energy, which is clean and pollution-free. On the topic this trendy means of transportation, do you know what role Taiwan plays in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles?


Smart Robots Are Widely Applied in Different Industries

At present, most of the robots used in the manufacturing industry are different types of robotic arms, which come in various shapes and sizes. As a technology that is replacing human jobs, there are many interesting and helpful robotic arm applications these days. Let’s look at some of them together!


Remote Monitoring Boosts the Efficacy of Smart Machinery

To develop the smart machinery industry, a remote monitoring system is important enough to be must-have equipment, but how much do you know about it?


This Is Smarter: Smart Machines Plus Smart Maintenance

In this day and age when everything has to be “smart,” how can smart systems become “smarter”? In answering this question, smart equipment that has functions such as remote monitoring and management plays a crucial role. Remote monitoring solutions also show that machine monitoring systems have reached a new stage. Let’s look at how this happens!

CNC_smart _machines

A Better Choice: CNC Machinery VS. Traditional Machinery

In embodying the concept of smart manufacturing, smart machine tools are used to facilitate and upgrade the manufacturing process. CNC machinery is a typical example. Let’s have a look at the new possibilities brought by CNC technology.


Even the Dust Is Smarter: Getting to Know Smart Dust

In this “smart” era, many “smart technologies” are here to help us live a better life. Big data, the IoT, and remote monitoring are no longer strange words, but have you ever hear about “smart dust”? Though there are still very few smart dust companies, do you know that smart dust technology may greatly affect our lives in the future?


A Whole New World Created by Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is surely the latest buzzword in the technology industry. Regarded as one of the most promising technologies, virtual reality technology and applications allow users to enter a vivid new world in front of them. At present, every virtual reality applications company is devoted to developing VR-related products and services. How much do you know about this technology?


Taiwan as the Kingdom of the Semiconductor

Many technologies are needed to develop the smart manufacturing industry 4.0. As the main material of integrated circuits (IC), the semiconductor is by all accounts one of the most important ones. It is also a key to building an internet of things smart factory. Taiwan boasts the most comprehensive industry cluster of semiconductor manufacturing and has long been an important supplier of IC in the global smart electronics manufacturing industry. Let’s learn more about semiconductor and IC manufacturing!


The Manufacturing Industry Is Getting Smart with Smart Machinery

You may have begun hearing some popular buzzwords such as “Industry 4.0 Manufacturing” or “Internet of Things Manufacturing”. They all have something to do with smart manufacturing, but do you know the differences between smart manufacturing and traditional factory automation systems? Let’s explore the differences together!