Green energy life, environmental protection is simple

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 August 2018

The world is now facing serious resource depletion: Half of marine life has been wiped out in just 40 years; by 2050, two-thirds of polar bears may disappear due to melting ice; in 2100, one out of every six species will be extinct. However, in the face of environmental collapse, we still have the opportunity to change before the tipping point approaches!

Why should we save energy?

When it comes to environmental protection and conservation of the ecosystem, conserving energy is probably the first thing that we all come up with. Many reasons can explain why we should save energy. First, conservation can save tons of money. Less electricity used means less expense needed to be paid. Second, much of the electricity that we use today still depends on burning unrenewable resources like oil, gas, and coals. The more electricity we consume, the faster these resources will be depleted, and the higher prices of these unrenewable energy will soar. Third, since fossil fuels are not a clean source of energy, conservation of electrical energy can help to lessen pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You might wonder how to protect the environment in a relatively easy way. There are ways to preserve the environment. Among all, benefits of renewable energy are just beyond our imaginations.

Steps taken to save energy

1. Use Green Power
Thanks to the modern technologies, we are now able to regulate the indoor climate. However, those technologies we use in the residential and commercial sectors often consume the most energy. Taiwan has already opened up for users to subscribe for green power. When green electricity is used, carbon emissions can be reduced by 0.522 kilograms. This amount is equivalent to the greenhouse gas absorbed by 19 trees.

2. Replace the power saving light bulb
Other way to save both energy and money is to replace the power-saving lightbulbs with more eco-friendly alternatives such as LED lightbulbs. Most LED lightbulbs claim to last for 25,000 hours while traditional power-saving Incandescent only last for 3000 hours.

In addition to save fuel for better environment and health in our daily lives, we can make further progress and contribute to the Earth by joining the Earth Green/Environmental Organization’s Love Earth Action.

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