Wastewater treatment using green technology

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 12 August 2018

Green energy technologies are a group of practices including non-toxic chemical processes, clean energies, and environmental monitoring. By using green energy technologies, we can slow down or minimize negative impacts caused by human activities. Green energy technologies can be applied to the sustainable water management. Without generating hazardous substances or toxic by-products, green energy technologies can still efficiently purify water. Moreover, sewage treatment, water management technologies, and waste management can also benefit from these green practices.

What is wastewater treatment?

Wastewater treatment refers to the process of removing contaminants and undesirable components from domestic, industrial, and polluted waters to safely return them to the environment for drinking, irrigation, industrial, and other uses. Water and wastewater treatment using green technologies can develop effective and affordable infrastructures in developing countries.

Conventional wastewater treatment processes are expensive and require complex operations and maintenance. New wastewater treatments technologies, for example bioreactors and biofiltration employed by sewage treatment technologies, are the most common green technologies for sustainable water management. Bioreactors are devices containing bacteria and microorganisms. Oxygen is supplied to speed up biochemical reactions. These reactions will eventually convert harmful pollutants into non-toxic forms. In biofiltrations, wastewater is passed through the biofilm either up-flow or down-flow and in a continuous or discontinuous manner. During this process, the immobilized living microorganisms speed up the degradation of organic matter and pollutants present in the wastewater.

Since almost 80 percent of the water, which is supplied for domestic use, comes out as wastewater, it is urgent to turn wastewater into usable water by using modern technology. Green technologies such as bioreactors and biofiltrations just come in handy and play a significant role.

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