Why Green Energy and Sustainability Is Our Key to a Better Future?

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 17 June 2018
Sustainable use of resources

Green and renewable energy are gaining traction across the global stage. More and more industries are beginning to harness the power of green renewable energy with the help of green energy products, systems, products, and their myriad applications. But what exactly makes green and renewable a better choice than fossil fuels. The key is that green energy technology, regardless of how much energy is harvested, remains a sustainable use of resources. Switching to green energy sets us on a course for sustainable development and environmental protection.

What exactly is green energy?

In short it is energy that comes from renewable sources. Renewable sources like solar or wind power make green energy much cleaner and environmentally friendly. The use of fossil fuels releases carbon into our atmosphere, creating high levels pollution. Green and renewable energy production does not produce that kind of byproduct, making it a clean and eco-friendly source.

Clean mode

Some might ask, what is sustainable use? Sustainable use is energy that comes from sustainable natural resources. Some examples of natural resources and their uses are wind power and wind farms, and rivers and hydroelectric dams. These are various renewable energy sources that are safe for our environment and can be easily replenished.

Why green is the goal

Coal fired plants and power plants are examples of unsustainable energy sources. Coal is a finite and limited resource on the planet earth. Once we have depleted our coal deposits, there is no way to replenish. The same goes for petrol. Power plants may generate power from readily available sources, but the creation of toxic radioactive waste makes it a bad choice as a sustainable energy.

As we’ve seen, green energy is the most sustainable use of resources. Unlike fossil fuels like petrol, which is a limited resource, green energy is inexhaustible. On top of that, green and renewable energy does not release pollution into our atmosphere. Green developments make for sustainable development and environmental protection.

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