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Wings Sprinkler Hose (rain tape, spray tube, rain hose, rain pipe) for Farm Irrigation AJ-104

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stable and protected farm irrigation hose


  • Garden Sprinklers Type : N/A
  • Garden Water Connectors Type : Hose End Connectors
  • Garden Water Guns Feature : Variable Spray Patterns
  • Garden Water Guns Type : N/A
  • Garden Water Timers Type : AC Pro
  • Sprayers Type : Pump
  • Sprayers Use : Agriculture

Key Features

These wings sprinkler hose are made up of one main sprinkler hose with two wings and can be used in farm irrigation systems. Contact us to learn more about our products and to get a custom quote.

AJ-104 wings irrigation sprinkler hose make up by one main sprinkler hose with two wings that can protect the sprinkler hose scratched by sharp things and keep its balance.

DEAR DEER wings irrigation sprinkler hose make up by 1 main Sprinkler hose with 2 wings at both sides, the wings can protect main hose scratched by sharp things or bitten by animal. Also the wings can keep the main hose balance. So the 2 wings irrigation sprinkler hose is steady not twist. DEAR DEER 2 wings irrigation sprinkler hose can keep spraying in the right direction. 2 wings also said as 2 wings rain pipe, 2 wings rain tape, 2 wings spray tube etc. There are 2 types of DEAR DEER 2 wings sprinkler hose:

1. AJ-104 wings irrigation Sprinkler hose: main Sprinkler hose with longer wings at 2 sides, they can protect main hose scratched or bitten by animal and keeps spraying in the right direction steadily. This is the regular type with its special advanges well. As mentioned above DEAR DEER 2 wings Sprinkler hose may be said as 2 wings rain pipe, 2 wings rain tape, 2 wings spray tube etc. 

2. AJ-104S short wings irrigation Sprinkler hose: The wings are shorter than AJ-104. this short wings sprinkler hose is cheaper type of AJ-104. Though not as good as AJ-104 short wings sprinkler can protect the main hose and keep balance to some extent. As mentioned above DEAR DEER short wings Sprinkler hose may be said as short wings rain pipe, short wings rain tape, short wings spray tube etc. 

DEAR DEER irrigation sprinkler hose irrigation is the easiest & low cost way for farm irrigation. Easy installed, easy operated, easy maintained, no block, low water pressure, low energy consumption.

The best and easiest way for small & medium area farm irrigatio

DEAR DEER Irrigation Sprinkler Hose is a flat hose also said as rain pipe, rain hose, rain tape, spray tube, spray hose, soaker hose, perforated tube, perforated pipe etc. With many pores on the hose for micro spray, it sprays water mistily. sprinkler hose irrigation system is an wonderful micro irrigation system, easy to install, easy to maintain, low cost, easy plug clearing, quick irrigating, and low water pressure, low energy consuming. 

It is suitable for any dry land crops. There are different types of hose, different watering pore patterns, used for different crops and different farmlands. Can be used on open farmland irrigation, sandy land irrigation, greenhouses irrigation , net house irrigation, field irrigation. Especially it is suitable for the plants require more water in short time. 

The use life of our DEAR DEER sprinkler hose is about 2-5 years, depending on how to use and how to maintain.                       

Most of irrigation sprinkler hose laid on the ground, but otherwise DEAR DEER AJ-105H wing hanging sprinkler hose is hang in the air.

Ground irrigation sprinkler hose can spray on open air or laid under the mulch film.

While laid on the ground and not under mulch film, Irrigation sprinkler hose is sprayed water upward into the air, and then fall down like little rain.

In another way the type of irrigation sprinkler hose under the mulch film, spray pores are farther away from the center line. It is low angle to spray. Plants can grow outward from the holes on the mulch film. The hose is under the mulch film, in line with planting lines, and close to the crops.

To irrigate under mulch film sprinkler hose can use with fertigation system. The water discharged from the pores on sprinkler hose, flow directly on crop roots. If necessary, liquid fertilizer can be applied at the same time, go together to the corps root. In fact, this type of irrigation is higher flow drip, watering rate is faster than the drip irrigation. The advantages are not to be block in holes and watering in low pressure even without the use of energy in short field irrigation.


Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 500 Roll/ Rolls


    spray of irrigation sprinkler hose

Last Update : 2020-02-10
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