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Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer

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KWD250, our smart dimmer with the Wi-Fi function. Apart from traditional way of local controlling, KWD250 can be connected to the router at your home. It means through a smart phone, you can adjust the dimmer for all kinds controls and configurations. In addition, KWD250 supports easy setup remote cloud communication: as your KWD250 is connected to the router at your home, you can simply enjoy the remote-control function without complicated registration or login steps. KWD250 has following characteristics: Auto Detection of Load Types KWD250 is designed with smart leading/trailing auto detection functions, supporting universal dimming specifications. Wi-Fi Symmetric Communication KWD250 is Wi-Fi symmetric communication equipped. Users simply control and set KWD250 by using the mobile phone APP without switching the network connections. Your mobile phone is always on-line while using the APP. Easy-to-Use APP The APP of KWD250 is designed with an easy and clear style. Just connect the phone to the internet and get ready to use KWD250 – everywhere at any time. No complex registration or login process, no user data or information to fill in, thus no concerns of personal privacy leaks! Enhanced Security Protection Beyond existing Wi-Fi and the Internet encryption protections, we additionally put the Kaoyi patented KYSECKEY encryption in the physical layers of KWD250 and the APP, preventing all kinds of hacker threats. Sunrise and Sunset Function KWD250 is designed with an automatic turn on/off function according with local sunrise and sunset time. With its energy-saving features, users simply choose to turn on/off APP features while KWD250 spontaneously detects user’s location, time, date and season, and adjusts corresponded sunrise and sunset time for lighting on/off. No more worries about energy wasting. Timing Function KWD250 provides up to 6 timers with settings of brightness level. By setting up a specific time to start up or to turn off the dimmer and its brightness level, together with sunrise and sunset function, KWD250 maximizes the energy-saving achievement. Scene Mode The APP features a scene mode as well. If more than one dimmer is in use, users can set up several KWD250s with a preferable scenario and simultaneously start the scene mode with just one-button.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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