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VOIP COIN Payphone

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Key Features


  1. User pick up the handset and insert coin
  2. Payphone display the credit of the coin on LCD
  3. User dial the Phone number
  4. When the other party answer this call, payphone start to collect the coin into casbhox. And tariff by the this payphone's internal rate table or Server's rate table

Payphone Internal Rate table programming:

  • 1000 sets prefix number could be defined.
  • 45 sets different rate could be defined.
  • Discounet time supported

How to change the rate table of coin payphone?

1. IC programmer :

You could edit the rate table in PC.  Save it as a file.  And use an IC-programmer to burn the date into memory chip. Then, change the new chip of payphone. Payphone will update to new rate table.  ( Needs to bring the chip to payphone for replacement)

2. RS232:

You could edit the rate table in PC. Cconnect the cable from PC to payphone.  And update the new rate table to payphone. ( Needs to bring the PC to payphone for updating)

3. The Remote programming via VPS:

The payphone needs to register in our VPS server.  You could edit the rate table on the VPS. It also support the excel upload.  When you like to update the rate table, VPS will connect to payphone. Payphone make a connection with VPS and start to transfer data to payphone.  Then, Payphone will update the new rate table.( VPS needs to connect to each payphones one by one)

4.The VPS control rate table (system tariff):

The rate table is controlled by VPS.  The payphone needs to register in our VPS.  You could edit the rate table on the VPS.  Excel file upload supported. VPS will ask payphone when it should meter. ( VPS change the rate table , all the payphones will be changed )

5. By keypad

for few data modified only

VOIP Specifications:
  1. Easy Interface to ADSL/Cable Modem or leased line equipment.
  2. Support SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261)
  3. Behind NAT Router or IP sharing Device.
  4. DTMF support : SIP info, RFC2388, Out -band DTMF, In-Band DTMF.
  5. Configuration : Web browser, Console/Telnet, IVR/Keypad, Auto-provision.
  6. Firmware Upgrade : TFTP/ Console/ Http/ Auto-Proision
  7. Support Fix IP/DHCP/PPPoE
  8. Codec- G.711 A/u-Law, G.723.1, G.729A, G729

More detail specifictions , please Link to Gateway web pages....

Payphone General Features :
  1. Leaning 12 kinds of coins. Amount of coins inserted
  2. Detect coin via diameter \ material \ thickness
  3. Follow on \ Redial
  4. Free call \ Barred call progrmmable
  5. Local \ STD \ IDD enable or disable
  6. Volume control
  7. Multi-language selection
  8. Coin Jam release
  9. Unused coins refund
  10. Real time Clock : Display the date and time. Discount time programmable.
VT700K Features:

Last Update : 2015-06-26
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