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Vacuum Oil Skimmer

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Features:          The main advantage of the vacuum in a water separator under vacuum conditions, the use of expansion, condensation, adsorption, vacuum drying, the combination of mechanical filtration technology, automatic control, etc., can remove the water in the water, impurities, soap, acid, gum, so that seriously emulsified oil and water emulsion breaking, transparent, so that treated water reached the required emission standards, the oil can be recovered up to standard.      Through the reduction of waste, a substantial reduction of industrial waste disposal costs. With the reduction of external emission, as they become available, the concentrate may have been evaluated as the valuable material. Mining low-power device design, the main energy consumption when operating in the heating system to work part fully realized in the most energy consumption to achieve the highest oil purifying effect.   How it works:     Various liquid environments at different pressures, the boiling point of the gas is converted to neither the same, i.e., the use of vacuum oil separator of this physical phenomenon, a vacuum siphon (siphonage) so that water atomized into the vacuum within the chamber way, while the temperature of the water increased to around 60 ℃ (if high oil temperature may accelerate the oxidation of the oil), the pressure within the chamber at about 0.02MPa (150Torr), you can reach the boiling point of water, so that the oil in the water boiling rapidly evaporate quickly vacuum extraction steam cabin, while the oil is a natural flow from the bottom of the cabin, to the best oil-water separation efficiency results. The higher the degree of vacuum, the oil can be reduced to lower the water content, the water content can be reduced to generally below 50ppm.    As we all know, thin air, the higher elevations of the mountains can be relatively easily boil the water, on land and relatively heated at a lower temperature to boiling. This is because the low pressure causes water to reduce the boiling point, it is easy to let the water boil. By the same token, a container will be reduced to a vacuum (about -0.1 4MPa), the water will boil about 50 ℃. This general principle is applied to the distillation, dehydration, concentrated or dried until curing means is separated from the dehydration device.              In recent years, the world tends to strict environmental management, enterprise if we consider the environmental regulations of independent events and establish the concept of pollution prevention, and the pursuit of "eco-efficiency" and "sustainable development" as the goal. By promoting cleaner production, can help the industry improve the efficiency of resource use cycle, reducing the impact on the environment and comply with environmental regulations and international standards / norms, enhance industrial competitiveness, after radical measures to solve environmental problems.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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