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Type Of Expanded Metal,Building and Furniture Hardware

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Expanded metal grating is the ideal metal for industrial walkways

Key Features

Architectural or Decorative Expanded Metal

specially designed expanded metal for use in architectural and decorated applications.

These deigns can be used to aluminum and other alloys in wide range of patterns and gauges

Expanded metal grating is the ideal metal for industrial walkways

Expanded metal  Mesh grating  combines  lightweight with unusual  strength because each time end  is decided like a truss.  oval expanded metal grating is used extensively for walkways, It also has many other uses.

Types of expanded metal

Standard or regular expanded metal

standard expanded metal is a finished product as it comes from the Press after having been die cut And expande.  illustration shows that the stands and bonds from a shape angle to the original plane of the Solid Sheet.

Flattened expanded metal

Flattened expanded metal is standard expanded metal which has been rolled through of Flattening machine and produced a smooth and flat surface.

  • Surface treatment
  • Pre-galvanizing
  • Anodizing
  • Panting
  • powder coating
  • plastic coating

Micro mesh expanded metal

micro mesh expanded metal Is a kind of special expanded metals with very small openings.

the characteristics micro mesh,  such as high conductivity,  sound absorption and ability of refraction...etc.,  have been useful in various aspect of utilization. The key factor expanded metal application is material selection.  the common material used for  micro mesh are:  Mild Steel,  aluminum,  stainless steel,  Copper, Nickel, Titanium  other alloys.

Applications of micro mesh expanded metal

  • Current-collecting expanded metal grids
  • Heat transfer/  cooling system, Ex, Lighting strike protection.
  • Electronic shielding Ex, EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Sound Insulation. EX, Acoustic Ceilings
  • Other applications in automotive
  • Technology,  medical technology, mining,   filtration, Segregation  and petroleum industry.

Last Update : 2016-07-26
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