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Twisting Machine No. 1

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Key Features

- The number of spindle and its twisting degree per meter (TPM) are up to
Customer's request
Twisting Machine
Model: CT-121 (178mm * 11" P*64 Spindles)


Item No. Description Specification
1. Spindle 12 inch * 64 sets (base of spindle: HL-68C made in Japan)
2. Ring 178m/m * 64 sets (oil ring height 38.1m/m, made in Taiwan)
3. Spindle Gauge 11 inch
4 Lift 12 inch (flat winding type)
5 Spindle Driving With aluminum pulley 1 tension pulley for every 4 spindles
6 Tension Pulley 2 tension pulley have been arranged the ball bearing inserted
tension pulley 100m/m for every driving 4 spindles
7. The bottom roller is hard chrome plated of 50.8 m/m diameter double thimble type bore
outer roller embossing
8 The upper roller is coated by the abrasive rubber, and supported on the movable roller
9. Side Yarn Rack 5 inserted yarn bases/spindle
10. Yarn Guide Plate Up-down (active type)
11. Braking device Pedal type
12. The separator is fixed. With digit meter & automatically stop device.
13. Motor 4P * 25HP
14. Spindle Belt 1 set
15. Yarn Bobbin 200 pcs (H type)
16. Size (L x W) 11 * 1.23 M
*The buyers need to prepare nylon hangers by themselves.

Last Update : 2016-11-10
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Twisting Machine No. 1
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