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TVman Auto

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Your family spending more and more time on the road? Bothered by the long and boring travel time? Entertain your family and kids every day on the way to school or while traveling on weekend or vacation. TVman Auto streams live TV in your car and turns your Smartphone, tablet or computer into a TV. Let them enjoy their trips! TV in Car TVman creates a “WiFi TV access point” in the car. Connect one of your smart device to the TV AP to watch Live TV. Diversity 3 TVman Auto D3 can be connected to three antennas. Three TV tuners and antennas will work together to build a strong TV signal. You will be able to enjoy smooth live TV regardless of car speed over 200km/h or obstacles on the road. Automatic Frequency Switch (AFS) The 3rd TV tuner will scan time to time the TV frequencies to switch automatically to a stronger signal source when available. Antenna Sharing If the TV signal is strong in your area, two antennas will be enough. Turn on the "Antenna Sharing Switch" to keep the AFS function by sharing one antenna between the 2nd& 3rd tuner. Auto Start Live TV is streamed as soon as you start your car. Waiting in the car? Turn your key to Accessories position (ACC) to keep your family entertained. 2 x USB Power Outputs Use TVman USB power outputs to supply your GPS or charge your phone /tablet. Media Center Schedule a recording and share files via the local wireless network in your car. Remote Update TVman firmware will be updated automatically and wirelessly through TVman DVB player Save Money TVman Auto is cheaper than other automotive set-top boxes in the market. It requires no internet, 3G/ 4G connection TV subscription fee or any extra charges Home Use Powered by Micro USB 5V (1A), TVman Auto can also be used at home. WPS button offers easy pairing with your router and makes TVman stream TV to your home wireless LAN. Insert USB disk to schedule a recording or share recorded videos in the home network. What Makes TVman Auto Better? 1) Cheaper: No need to buy a monitor. Use your smart device to watch TV! 2) Easy to Install: Do it by yourself, no installation fee! TVman transmits TV wirelessly, reducing the number of cables to be installed in your car. 3) User Friendly: No IR remote control required. Keep the full control from your tablet: scan, TV channel switch, volume, EPG, subtitle, recording 4) Multiple Usages: Watch TV wirelessly outside the car, use it on different vehicles or even at home!

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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