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Tutor for Raspberry Pi

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Provides an environment for Raspberry Pi to interact with the outside world through different forms of electronics .

Key Features

       The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer allowing people of all ages to explore the world of computers and to learn how to code in programming languages, such as Scratch or Python. Just like a desktop PC, this credit card sized computer is capable of browsing the internet, playing videos, making spreadsheets, processing word document, and playing games.

The MTS-200 Tutor for Raspberry Pi provides an environment for Raspberry Pi to interact with the outside world through different forms of electronics (16 faya-nugget electronic blocks). Students can efficiently learn and create various digital maker projects through simple connections and simple Python codes in the tutorials provided.

Features :

1. The trainer includes various I/O peripherals suitable for learning Raspberry Pi projects.
2. There are step-by-step procedures in the experiment manual for the Python programming language.
3. An independent power supply is provided to maximize the number of peripheral modules.
4. Three sets of I/O ports are extended around the working area for easy signal connection.
5. Two sets of independent DAC/ADC are built in to expand more experimental circuits.
6. A touch screen is built in for direct use and control.

List of Experiments:

1. Digital Input Experiment
    (1) Button 
    (2) BCD Switch
    (3) 8-bit DIP Switch 
    (4) Self-Lock Switch
    (5) 5-bit TACT Switch
    (6) Toggle Switch

2. Analog Input Experiment
    (1) Joystick Switch
    (2) Slide Potentiometer

3. Environment Detection Experiment
    (1) AD-590 Temperature Sensor
    (2) Hall Sensor
    (3) Photo Interrupter
    (4) Proximity Sensor
    (5) Reed Switch

4. Output Module Experiment
    (1) RGB LED
    (2) Buzzer
    (3) Piezoelectric Buzzer
    (4) Step Motor
    (5) DC Motor
    (6) 2-axis Servo


    K&H MTS-200 Demo

Last Update : 2020-11-02
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