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TS-708+ 8" Medical Dynamic Replacement Air Mattress with Pump

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Finest Pressure Care Solution Best Prevention Active Mattress to Sell Globally


  • Air Mattress:  : 8" x 21 cells / L200xW90xH25cm / Capacity: 30~200kg
  • Pump:  : AC 110v/60Hz or AC220-240V/50Hz / Max. 10W / Approx. 8LPM

Key Features

 ♦ Compact, Ultra-Quiet, Low Vibration Digital Control Unit 

 ♦ In Case of Power Outage, Memory Revert Function Allows Control Unit Return to    last Setting Selected Once Power Restored  

♦ Built-in Pressure Detector and Feedback System Provides 24/7 Air Pressure    Monitoring 

♦ Compressor Activates When Needed, Expand Lifetime and Power Saving

♦ Retainer Air Cell Design Prevents Over Inflation

♦ Double Cell Chamber Design Optimizes User Safety and Comfort

♦ Pressure Value (mmHg) Displays on Digital LED Screen for User Comfort Setting

♦ Designed to prevent or treat pressure sores for patients at health skin and stage I,II,III, IV

♦ Best suited for Home Care, Hospital and Nursing Home


8”, 21 air cells Mattress allowing shortened spacing between tubes, and providing more intensive protection for our most critical body parts

Retainer Air Cell

Retainer Air CellRetainer Air Cell to prevent air cell from being over-inflated as well to reinforce each air cell of the mattress proportionally inflated.


Friction Shear Prevention Coverlet: Made of environmentally friendly PU-film that is non-toxic, combined with warp-and-weft woven resilient fabrics with a smooth and bump-free PU surface.

Durable Air Cell with Integrated Foam Layer: the design provides alternating funtion on top and static on lower cells with integrated foam layer for stability and comfort. 

Patented CPR Quick Valve: Patented CPR Quick Valve is equipped for fast deflation of the air mattress so as to facilitate the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during the emergency.

Head End 3 Air Cells No Alternating Design: Front 3 Air Cells No Alternating Design ensures no alternation at the head end to increase the comfort and security in use.

Large Elastic Bands Fixed on Four Corners: The simplest way to fix the air mattress at the existing foam pad. 

The External Connecting Air Tube: The External Connecting Air Tube is protected with dust-proof sleeve so as to avoid the accumulation of dusts and stains on the surface.

Buckle Components: are designed for adjustable length which can facilitate the retraction and handling of the mattress.

Perfect Dimensions: The length, width and height of the mattress is carefully designed to match the dimensions of most hospital beds, eliminating worries regarding the bed slipping or excessive gaps, which lead to feelings of insecurity.


Control Unit 

Compact, Ultra-Quiet, Low Vibration Digital PUMP with Intelligent Panel that brings following great features. 

Auto pressure feedback system provides 24/7 air pressure monitoring

 Alternating function offers 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes cycle time to choose from

Comfort Setting provides option as Soft, Medium, Firm or simplyIncrease/decrease pressure value to get optimal comfort setting for users.Visual and Audible safety alarm system, designed to auto detect and alert to caregiver in case of abnormal power failure or low pressure

Nursing / Auto Firm Mode provides maximum inflate to assist user in transport or other nursing procedures. The Max. inflate function will be auto canceled after 30 minutes and return to last setting selected.

Panel Lock can locks out all button functions to prevent accidentally changes , except for Nursing/ Auto Firm Mode. Press the button again to unlock.

Static Mode allows increasing pressure value while users require in a seat position(upright).


Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 100 Unit/Units

Last Update : 2019-03-25
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