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Toggle Outward Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Processing Machinery

Model No.
E Series (SJ-300E)
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Long open stroke and less deformation of platens. It is power Sourcing with Taiwantrade


  • Plastic Type : Thermoplastic,Thermosetting
  • Style : Horizontal
  • Type : Injection Blow Molding,Preform Injection,Tube Head Injection,Tube Shoulder Injection

Key Features


Shuenn Jaan Machinery Co., Ltd. provides various plastic injection molding machines in the plastic injection machinery area. We offers guaranteed product quality and franchised service as its sales strategy. The global sales network that we have built up is able to expeditiously and effective support our customers' enquiries.

Plastic (toggle outward) injection molding machines are the particular design of toggle mechanism. They allow the application of the dynamic force concentrated on the centre of the moving platen, eliminating deflection and distributing the clamping force evenly over the entire mould surface.


Injection Unit
Multi-Stage Injection Pressure Retention : The multi-stage injection design combined with pressure retention sequence control makes it easy to solve burr problems and remove cold material at the gate. It also helps reduce molding stress.
Excellent Plasticizing Performance : Three stage material storage control features consistent meatering and uniform melting, resulting in superior product quality.
High Precision Potentiometer : Employs a high precision potentiometer to achieve high positioning accuracy and repeatablility.

High Parallelism Accuracy on Injection Unit : The injection unit is equipped with a sliding plate in combination with front pulling hydraulic cylinder to fully prevent deformation on the sliding plate.
Twin Plunger-type Injection Cylinder : The injection cylinder is a plunger-type twin cylinder for high speed injection . This special cylinder may reduce resistance during injection, while ensuring motion smoothness.
Shortened Hydraulic Circuit Distance for Increasing Efficiency : The hydraulic control system is close to the injection unit, providing faster response, reduced circuit error and higher hydraulic efficiency.

PID Controlled Barrel : The barrel heating device employs PID temperature control for increasing response and temperature control accuracy. This combined with the use of SSR drive for heating to extend service life.

The fast hydraulic response not only ensures the filling quality during injection, but also helps avoid unnecessary strain(injection curve).

During plasticization, any small error may affect the closing time of the check ring. By setting the injection pressure to decide the pressure holding timing, it may upgrade quality and avoid unnecessary strain.

In case the needle-shaped spru is blocked, entering into the pressure retention at an earlier time is possible through the injection pressure feedback. It prevents mold damage due to over-filling.

Top Performance Computerized Controller
The machine is equipped with a top performance computerized controller with high scanning speed up to 1ms.
Simplified operational interface eliminates the troublesome parameter change. Almost all motion controls for molding setups can be operated on the first layer of the interface.
Multi-stage pressure and speed sequence controls.
Built-in 100 sets of mold data. Also available for use is the CF card for saving data for increased convenience and efficiency in parameter setting when mold changing is required.
Various automatic malfunction detecting function are available, such as insufficient injection, material overflow, abnormal motion times, abnormal temperature and abnormal production processes, etc.
Mold clamping, injection and injection pressing are all controlled by high precision potentiometers for high positioning accuracy with feedback function for tracing control.

Clamping Unit
Comprehensive Safety Protection: Providing comprehensive safety protection for the operator, including safety devices from electricity, hydraulics and mechanics.

Long Stroke For Mold Clamping: The design of long stroke mold clamping is suitable for high quality production on various products.

Minimum Deformation: The upper and lower outward toggle mechanism concentrates the clamping force on the middle of mold platen, and minimizes the deformation to a minimum level.

Short Cycle Time: The rapid mold clamping / unclamping movement effectively shortening the cycle time.

Eliminates Deformation of Mold Platen
Super Rigid Structure, minimum Deformation:The upper and lower outward toggle mechanism concentrates the clamping force on the middle of mold plate, featuring long clamping / unclamping stroke to minimize the deformation to the lowest level, suitable for high quality production on various products.
Large Molding Space: Large pitch distance between inner columns accommodate extra large molds. The space inside is much larger compared to machines of similar specifications, and it also features easy machine installation and dismantling.

Double Displacement Pump:
Featuring energy saving and low noise, and the high speed injection is suitable for producing thin parts.
Capable of performing multiple injection speed and pressure control, suitable for all kinds of accurate forming.

Self-lubricating Bearings Increase Toggle Life: The bushings in the toggle are equipped with self-lubricating bearings to prevent toggle damage due to human error, while extending service life of toggle.

Rugged Construction Maximum Rigidity & Stability: The machine is constructed of square steel pipes for upgraded structural strength and stability.


Model SJ-300E
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 50 55 60
Theoretical Injection Volume cm3 510 617 734
Shot Weight (P.S.) g 471 570 678
OZ 16.6 20.1 24
Plasticizing Capacity (P.S.) kg/hr 100 124 136
Injection Rate cm3/sec 192 232 277
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 2237 1848 1553
Screw Speed rpm 0 ~ 185
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force ton 300
Opening Stroke mm 650
Mold Thickness (Min-Max) mm 200 ~ 650
Platen Size(H × V) mm 900 x 900
Distance between Tie Bars(H × V) mm 630 x 630
Ejector Force ton 7
Ejector Stroke mm 180
Electrical Equipment
Pump Motor HP 40
Heat Zones set 5
Heater Capacity KW 12.6
Machine Dimension(L × W × H) m 6.1 × 1.57 × 2.15
Machine Net Weight ton 11.5
Specifications and accessories are subject to change without prior notice.

Safety/Quality Approvals

CE, ISO9001

We offer

CNT Series (Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
E Series (Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
DHT Series (Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine)
DNT Series (Dual Color Injection Molding Machine)
ES-220 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
ES-250 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
ES-600 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
ES-650 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)

Product Certification


    Outward toggle plastic injection molding machine

Last Update : 2018-11-13
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