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The Newest Organic Certification Dried White Fungus

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Dried White fungus


  • Part : Whole
  • Style : Dried

Key Features

About Product
The Newest Organic Certification Dried White Fungus, also known as Tremella, is mainly composed of plant-derived collagen, minerals, calcium and rich dietary fiber. It can defecate smoothly and is a good beauty and beauty product. Especially because it is rich in gum, has a smooth taste, and is low in calories, eating beautiful women can keep you healthy and youthful and beautiful.
  • Healthy
Contains plant-derived collagen, beauty and health sacred product
  • Generous gift giving
A large number of precious Tremella polysaccharides, Q elastic gum texture, suitable for gifts for personal use
  • Organic certification
Certified by third-party organic agricultural products for safety and security
  • Taiwan Election
Authentic Taiwan, made in Haoshan Haoshuipuli
  • Must-have
One of the essentials for adding flavor and cooking sweet soup.

Production and sales certification 100% quality assurance and passed organic agricultural product inspection

Reasons To Buy
The Newest Organic Certification Dried White Fungus in Taiwan contains a lot of precious white fungus polysaccharides, polysaccharides, 18 kinds of amino acids, 17 kinds of minerals, trace elements and other rich nutrients. It is a daily food supplement for modern people.

Healthy Dessert
The red jujube wolfberry white fungus soup is prepared as follows
Material: white fungus, red dates, wolfberry, water, granulated sugar or rock sugar
Step:1. Soak dry white fungus in water and soak in water for about 1 hour. Place the white fungus soaked and use scissors to cut the tip.
2. Add white fungus, wolfberry, red dates, and water to 1000C.C., Boil over high heat, and after boiling again and the rock sugar has melted, cover the pot and cook on low heat for at least 40 minutes.
3. Finally, turn off the heat, and the whole pot is suffocated for 1 to 2 hours after cooking, and it is complete.
◆ Better flavor after iced
  • Product Name: The Newest Organic Certification Dried White Fungus
  • Product content: 90g ± 5% g
  • Commodity composition: Organic Tremella
  • Food Additive Name: None
  • Country of origin: Puli, Nantou
  • Packing: bag
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Expiration date: marked on the packaging
  • Note: It is recommended to keep the refrigerator refrigerated after opening.
  • Reminder: Before cooking dried shiitake mushrooms, please soak them in water.
  • Manufacturer Name: Lecui International Co., Ltd.
  • Brand: LVPure Natural Monopoly
  • Country of origin: Taiwan
  • Storage: Can be placed at room temperature after sealing

Last Update : 2020-03-27
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