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The Appliance for Wearing (Taking off) Shoes and Socks

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The Appliance for Wearing (Taking off) Shoes and Socks

Socks-wearing Assistance.

The Appliance for Wearing (Taking off) Shoes and Socks     

Socks-wearing Assistance
(1) The appliance is designed for both left and right foot. (The front bulging part helps recognize which appliance is for the right foot and which for the left one.) Please compare your foot palm.
(2) Users can sit on the chair, lay the assisting appliance on the thigh with the notch facing upward, and put socks onto the gadget. Please refer to picture 1. (Don’t fold the opening of the socks as shown in picture 2.)
(3) Lay the assisting appliance with socks on the ground, and put your foot palm into the socks. Make your foot thumb as close as possible to the tip of the socks. Meanwhile, you can fix the assisting appliance by stepping on it with another foot as seen in picture 3.
(4) Slightly lift up the heel, hook the thumb-near hole of the assisting equipment with one finger, and pull it up vertically while the sock will be put on the foot. (Use your left hand when you put the sock on the left foot. And vice versa.  )

The Function as a Shoehorn
(1) The bulging part of the assisting equipment can work as a shoehorn for wearing shoes. See picture 5.
How to Help Take off Shoes
(1) Prop up the edge of shoe heel and take your foot off the shoe. See picture 6.
How to Help Take Socks off
(1) Put the head of the shoehorn into the opening of the sock, press it down and take off the sock when you heave your heel. See picture 7.

Tai-shiny Technology Limited Co.
No.109,shioujiang St., Sanchung City, Taipei, Taiwan 241, R.O.C.


The Applicable Targets:
1.Fit for the spine-injured and difficult to bend to wear shoes and socks.
2. Fit for leg-fractured and difficult to bend to wear shoes and socks.
3. Fit for pregnant women who are difficult to bend to wear shoes and socks.
4. Fit for those who are obese in girth and difficult to bend to wear shoes and socks.

Last Update : 2011-08-08
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