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Teflon Coating/Welding

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  • Style : Powder Coating
  • Use : Plastic Coating

Key Features

Teflon spray
Teflon coatings have been widely used in food, industrial, and medical environments, and can be coated on aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, magnesium, and various other metals.
Anti-sticking, excellent hydrophobic / oleophobicity, strong release effect:
The viscous substance can only temporarily adhere to the surface of Teflon, and cannot be permanently attached. It has excellent cleanability for dirty environments. The surface of Teflon has strong hydrophobic / oleophobic properties, is not easy to wet, and is easier to clean. It can be used in food industry to prevent foreign matter from sticking to the surface of the product and facilitate cleaning. (Example: chicken cake, baking tray, kitchenware). The application in the rubber industry can make the surface of the metal mold smooth, good mold release molding effect, and increase production efficiency.
Low coefficient of friction (wear-resistant / lubricated):
The coefficient of friction of Teflon is approximately in the range of 0.03-0.15, depending on the product, sliding speed, and construction surface condition. The Teflon coating on the screws and nuts that must be frequently removed and reinstalled can be lubricated normally to prevent scratches. Anti-rust, noise reduction, good resealing effect.
Chemical resistance (anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance):
The Teflon coating is not affected by most chemical environments, and no waste is accumulated on the surface of the coating. It is resistant to strong acids / alkali solvents. The products have passed the 1.5Kv / 2Kv pinhole test to ensure the coating quality. Acid / alkali resistance is used in the chemical / chemical / electronic industries, which can effectively extend the life of metal equipment. For example: stainless steel exhaust ducts, metal heating pipes, waste recycling pipes / tanks, and other types of metal parts that must be resistant to acid and alkali can be sprayed.
Antistatic property:
Teflon has a high dielectric strength, a low dissipation factor and a very high surface resistivity. Through special technology, it can be used as an antistatic coating and can be used for stress relief.
Temperature stability:
Teflon coating has excellent stability at extremely high / low temperature (-450 ° F / + 550 ° F), and can be used in high-temperature production and high-temperature environments.
Repeat painting:
When the surface coating of the metal parts is damaged, the sandblasting and coating construction can be carried out by removing the damaged coating to make the metal parts and molds reusable.

Last Update : 2020-08-04
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