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Tapioca ball

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 Tapioca ball

(Tapioca ball), also knownas pearls or pearls in pearl milk tea, the main ingredient is starch, usuallyfrom the white powder, that is, cassava (cassava, Cassava) wood (tree) potatopowder (Tapioca), also to sweet potato powder , Potato flour, etc. or jellymade of diameter 5 to 10 mm of starch balls, and add water, sugar and spices,the color, taste varies according to composition.

Pinkround early color is white, now more common black generally known as pearlpowder round, is the manufacturers will add caramel into the powder round, andthus increase the sweetness of brown sugar and by everyone's favorite. In othercountries is popular color powder round.


Cooking method: whilecooking stir, the powder round cook until transparent, and the grain is clear(the fire about 4 minutes, do not cook to float) stall, cover and boring for 3minutes.


Edible method: because thepowder round for the cooked goods to eat, more fragrant, more Q, but please eatas soon as possible, not in the heating and then into the refrigerator. Whenthe cold drink, please add ice before eating, to avoid the powder round coldand hardened.


Quotedat FOB NT $ 70 per kilogram

(1)  Order 500 kg, 65 yuan per kilogram

2 Order 1000 kg, 60 yuan per kilogram (3)Order more than 1,500 kg, 55 yuan per kilogram.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-06-23
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