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Syn-ake anti-wrinkle Jel Mask-250g

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Key Features

Highly recommendedby celebrities, bloggers

Taiwan’sfirst stated jelmask free of chemical preservatives

Repairs all dynamicand static wrinkles

Maintain tight skin condition before age 25; reviveskin to be free of wrinkles after age 25. Ageless syn-ake makes the skin stayat the most perfect condition.

Unveil the secret towards smooth and healthy skin byadding professionalSyn-akeTripeptideanti-wrinkle formula. This can allow theskin to relax for longer hours and achieve anti-wrinkle effects that will makethe skin smooth and is one of the most popular anti-wrinkle element used.

Release the new “Syn-ake anti-wrinkle Jel Mask”, withunique formula developed from sophisticated technology, this product will giveyou the beauty effect with deep sensation that will save you more time or evenmake your beauty lessons last longer and let your skin remainageless!

By adopting the latest biotechnology syn-ake formula,it will greatly improve and repair the troubling wrinkles while moisturizes atthe same time. This is the best option for “home version of anti-wrinkleskincare”! Continue the use so that your skin will become tight, bright andhealthy looking.

Syn-ake anti-wrinkle Jel Mask adopts the latesttechnology and selects excellent formula for skin caring and tighteningpurposes.

l   Syn-ake – Relaxes the skin and maintainsanti-wrinkle effect for a long period in order to achieve smooth and delicateskin condition.

l   Glycosyl trehalose – micro-moleculemoisturizer, moisturizes the skin, which increases the hydro level of the skinand stimulates metabolism to remove all coarse exfoliate.

l   Pro-vitamin B5– Sufficient supply of watermakes the skin looks natural and soft with elasticity as well as helps torepair any damaged skin.

Use  Deirection

Step 1 After  washing the face, take appropriate BONANZAjel mask.

Step 2 Have  your facial mask on the whole face uniformly(include lip) and about  0.3~0.5  cm thick.

Step 3After about 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 4Use the scraper to scrape BONANZA jel mask thoroughly,then rinse with water BONANZA jel mask.

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Last Update : 2017-11-28
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Syn-ake anti-wrinkle Jel Mask-250g
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