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Supercritical Reaction / Supercritical Foam Extruder

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  • CEG :  Supercritical Reaction / Supercritical Foam Extruder

Key Features

FEATURES :     The line is equipped with Japan patented special screw with structural design, which makes plastic raw materials, biodegradable plastics or starch/ PLA with 100% free of fossil plastics, to be in continuous production with all kinds of additives and auxiliaries, and thus achieve a higher quality of pellets.


Apply Material :

Rubber / Plastic / Composite Material / Bio-decomposition Plastic ( PLA / PBS / Starch … )


Process Application :

Supercritical Reactive / Supercritical Foam Continuous Extrusion Process


Pellets Application :

Apply to the processing and production of plastic materials or biodegradable plastics granulation / blowing bag / sheet / pipe / various profiles.


Supercritical Physical Microcellular Application :

Polymer Foaming Material has numerous of advantageous properties, such as lightweight、compressibility、buffer、flexibility、electrical insulation、sound absorption、shock absorption、with low dielectric constant and providing the porous surface contact, … etc.  It’s a wide range application at daily life & industrial propose. 


Common applications of Foam material :

  • Food Packaging – reduce usage of packaging material
  • Automotive and Aerospace Industry  –  shockproof、shock absorbing、lightweight and high strength
  • Fitness Equipment – reduce weight and buffer、highly shock-absorbing effect
  • Fiber  – excellence heat insulation、breathable perspiration
  • Surface Processing – low friction
  • Structure Material – heat insulation material、light-pervious roofing、breathable cabinets,…etc.
  • Porous Support – supporter for catalytic agent、ion exchange resins、medicine…etc.
  • Composite Material with super light & high-strength – SMC、BMC sandwich panel foam composite
  • Biomaterials – artificial skin、artificial bones、cover material、medicine delivery carriers… etc.


Supercritical Reactive Application

Supercritical fluid is with excellent dissolution feature and very potential in non-polar solvents. Widely used in Industry for a long  time. 


Such as :

  • Food Industries – extract
  • Pharmaceutical Industries – separation and purification
  • Fiver Industries – dyeing
  • Rubber & Plastic Industries –  High Concentration MasterBatch / Coloring Pelletizing & composite material compounding
  • Degradable Material & Bio-decomposition Material–composite material compounding

Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Sets

Last Update : 2016-10-11
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Supercritical Reaction / Supercritical Foam Extruder
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