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Sun Nahoru Prechran Eyelash Serum

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Key Features

A beauty essence that is applied to the base of eyelashes, and formulated with a focus on plant-derived ingredients developed through the study of beautiful eyelashes.
What is "Prechran"?
Sustainable and Eco-friendly microalgae (Parachlorella kessleri) has been confirmed the habitat in an acidic salt lake Laguna verde of northern Argentina ( Patagonia ) .
This Parachlorella is that it produces a jelly (designated as Prechran ) of the polysaccharide to protect their own body in response to acidic stress, which has survived even under these harsh environments.
By artificially reproducing this environment with our own technology, we have succeeded in not only culturing Parachlorella but also extracting and purifying the Prechran.
Prechran is composed mainly from galactofuranose, to function as a ligand of TLR (Toll-like Receptor) has already become clear .
Prechran seems to act directly on the hair papilla cells via TLR. It can be expected
to enhance the production of cytokines, such as FGF7.
【Product features】
FGF7 and VEGF 2 kinds of main components from the single cell microalgae isolated, and then after the blend of the essence of the eyelash beauty of the biggest features.
Adding Prechran to eyelash beauty is the world's first product
※ Prechran (Parachlorella kessleri extracellular polysaccharide) · · · feathering effect
※ Parachlorella kessleri extract (algae hyaluronic acid) · · · moisturizing effect
Prechran · Compared with adenine (which is recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), it is a component that has been identified as having a large number of hairy and long hair signs and capable of being introduced into mass production.
Please use it after you finished your face cleaning every morning and evening.
Adhesive amount on the sponge stick, smear on the eyelashes and its hair roots above, as far as possible not to friction eyelid skin condition, gently evenly coated.
If you need to use mascara and other eyelash cosmetics, please wait for the beauty liquid and then continue to use.

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