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Stress Station(chief si,Stress,Stress tester,Station,Stress Station,Strain Gauge,Strain,PCB Strain,Strain rate,IPC-9704)

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Stress Station
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Key Features

New measurement trend in wafer bending:

According to ITRS and Intel’s CMOS process technology, stress technology has become one of the key technologies
in advanced nano-meter CMOS process including 90nm and beyond. This stress station is capable of stress
measurement in CMOS component and measurement of Piezo-resistance simultaneously. Similarly, this stress station
is applicable to many research fields such as nano-wire, nano-tube, FinFET, GaAs component, SiGe channel
component, Ge channel component, MEMS, LED, OLED, and PV.


  •  Direct measurement of sample’s strain.
  •  Intuitive mechanism design in wafer bending jig for easy operation.
  • Measurement results used in published international SCI journal paper.
  • Adjustable single axial-direction stress provided by designed bending jig. (Including tension and compression)
  •  Augmentable to include I-V measurement and low frequency noise


Interface USB 2.0 Max. sample size 80×100 mm
Measurement range 300 MPa*1 adjustable span range in applied force 95 mm
Stress resolution 0.05 MPa Pitch in span adjustment continuous adjustable
Stress type tension or compression Dimension (length×width×height) 240×210×195 mm
Young’s modulus measure Supported Weight 5 Kg
Real-time stress calculation Supported Operating temperature -20 ~ +60℃
Real-time displacement analysis Supported (Optional) Standard Accessory Calibration sample, Software CD, USB cable,
Stress and applied force measure Supported Language English
Max. applied force 100 N PC Requirements CPU:P4, HD:1GB, USB 2.0
Max. stroke of applied force 3 mm Monitor Requirements 1280*800 resolution
Adjustment of applied force simultaneously O.S. Supported Windows XP, WIN 7

Last Update : 2015-01-13
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