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Steel Belt TIG Joint Machine

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Key Features

It’s applied to the welding for the joint of cold steel roll. For making the steel materials supplied to the production line continuously, this machine can proceed with the welding for both ends of theses two steel rolls (between one and another cold steel roll). A so-called joint welding machine.


1. Excellent design increases the stability and efficiency of production, and the quality is comparable with the equipment from Europe/USA /Japan.

2. Machines are designed withquick mold changeunit, which produce qualified product quickly after changing new mold.

3. Micro current control system is adopted for welding process which provides on-line examination to guarantee qualified products.

4. The silver contact conduction is manipulated to the copper base of seam welding machine, and that makes the machine more steady and excellent while being at 3 shifts.

5. After briefing and training, operators can operate equipment with qualify product without hesitate.

6. With strong design team, we can design and manufacture all kind special equipment of production line based on customers' spec.


Last Update : 2016-04-23
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Steel Belt TIG Joint Machine
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