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Spray tube, Rain hose

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The Strong power of Sun Fu irrigation


  • Sprayers Use : Agriculture,Garden

Key Features

Agricultural equipment for irrigational requirements

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Our company’s main products are used for the agricultural system of irrigation, which are spray tubes and drip tapes and other related agricultural accessories.

These facilities of our products must be able to solve your problems of lacking sufficient water.

Our spray tubes are very effective for all kinds of sprout crops.

We are searching for a prospective distributor in your country with good cooperation together to create reciprocal benefits in long-term business and more importantly, we can help those who need irrigational systems to grow their crops.  When we see people happy, we can also feel happiness.

Our company has been engaged in agricultural industry for 40 years with highly distinguished reputation and excellent quality of products.

Our company has registered the trademark in West African union as the brand “Sun Fu” of irrigational products (please refer to the attached file).

Our irrigational products in some African countries are well sold and popular. (Please have your kind consideration.)

High quality and good commercial conscience are always our main credit to do business.
Therefore, our distributors around the world have sold our own manufactured products quite well, leading to an excellent reputation of our company in this agricultural industry for a long time.

If you need the complimentary samples to test the quality of our products, we would love to do that. 
After all, meeting the customer’s satisfaction and requirements is our company’s most important attention and the highest honor.

Please see our attached files as our company’s catalog, comparison among spray tubes, drip tapes, and sprinklers, systems (1 & 2), and installation steps (System 3 is for paddy rice, sugarcane, and others.). System 4 is designed for spraying water at a low angle that reaches a height of 20 to 30 cm, mainly irrigates the part of the stems and roots, particularly beneficial to the fertilization, all melons/ watermelons, grapes. It can also be covered under PE films (the silver upper side and the black underside) to grow crops.

Our serials of HY(A&B) spray tubes are very suitable for staple plants, such as lemons, lime trees, citrus, oranges, tangerines, asparagus, lettuce, spinach, oil palm, passion fruit, pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, rubber tree/balata, pomegranate, guava, watermelon, grapefruit, tangerine, orange, pomelo/pummelo, towel gourd, mangoes, muskmelon, cantaloupe, dragon fruit/pitaya, durian, eggplant/aubergine, cucumbers, pears, apples, coconuts, garlic, ginger, mangos, avocados, coffee, tea, tobacco, cacao, palms, vegetables, burdock/ lappa, bananas, palm trees, potatoes, papaya, onions, peanuts, soybeans, olives, white radishes, carrots, mangoes, chilies, green/color peppers (bell/ sweet peppers), wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, grow seedlings, sweetcorn, rice, blueberry, and many other staple crops and diverse vegetables.
HYA is extremely useful for seedling gardens.

And please check out our company’s website: http://www.irri.com.tw/en/

and also our YOUTUBE websites: 
  • https://youtu.be/oepkqF0AjcE
You are always welcome to contact us if you have the interest in our products.
Thank you.

The ways to contact us:
WhatSapp: +886 912 220 279 (Tony---24 hours every day)
WhatSapp: +886 988 150 327 (Daniel, sales supervisor)

With my sincerest regards and best wishes to you


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Last Update : 2020-08-24
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