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Smart Clothes for Measuring Children Body Temperature

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Smart Clothes Make Children in Right Temperature!


  • Type : Children's T-Shirts

Key Features






Better Than Tradition



We are focusd on production the smart temperature clothing. The purpose of our design is: thoughtful kindness. Temperature clothing with automatic detection of body temperature function,without losing the comfort of the clothes soft, is a good helper for children to grow healthy.





  • Compared with tradition::


1.Compared with the traditional thermometer, the new temperature clothing has a fool-proof design, temperature equipment can automatically find the correct location to measure body temperature, to avoid worry results because of the movement or test the location not accurate.

2.Compared with the traditional thermometer, measuring body temperature do not have to wait 5 minutes, you can immediately know the temperature.

3.The traditional thermometer is the use of mercury thermal expansion function, the results are not accurate enough, and mercury is toxic, break the consequences unimaginable, and our sense of temperature using exclusive design dedicated MCU chip, the measurement results can be accurate to 0.1 ℃, only grain size, safe and reliable.





New Smart Clothes





  • Unique design:

      1.The exclusive design of the temperature mold, coupled with the mobile phone app, and send the data to phone, real-time monitoring of temperature.


      2.Two kinds of induction module


(a)NFC module:Can be applied to temperature monitoring / health management.

(b)Bluetooth module:With anti-loss function, over a period of time from the active alarm, temperature data function.


    3.Temperature mold can be used many times, you can also set the account inside the app interface, many people share. A charge can work continuously for 1 week.


    4.Clothes and mold separate, easy to clean clothes.




  • How to use:

1.Put the mold on the clothes.

2.Install the software, open and follow the prompts to set the operation.


  • How to wash:

1.Remove the mold first.

2.Wash the machine at normal temperature.

3.Naturally dry.

Last Update : 2017-05-13
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