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Simple design solar panel frame

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solar panel frame


  • Module Type : Others
  • Type : Solar Panel
  • DT300 : Material : steel

Key Features

DT300 DIY solar panel frame  features:

(1)  Cheap and convenient DIY solar panel frame.

(2)  High strength against typhoon , heavy rain , snow , frost , hot weather , ice , cold weather⋯⋯etc.

(3)  Easy to install, no technique required, fast install.

(4)  Light weight.

(5)  Suitable for various solar panel , various size.

(6) Adjustable frame position for changing solar panel direction and angle.

(7) Concrete, wood, metal, plastic...all kinds of surfaces can be installed.

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Why, DIY solar panel frame, without C-shaped steel?

① because C-shaped steel needs to be cut by DIY  user, usually user dose not have cutting machine at home. cutting machine is quite dangerous.

② Moreover,  specific accessories for C-shaped  steel are required. not only need  C-shaped steel. 

③ C-shaped steel is not suitable for a single solar panel, the cost is too high, and the strength is too low.

④ C-shaped steel is suitable for multiple solar panels installed side by side.

⑤ Multiple solar panels generate mutually fixed force among each other.

Last Update : 2021-09-27
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