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Sealed Silent Bottled Water Machine

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Key Features

Function and features:
(1) Water and steady voltage function
(2) Without water automatic power-off protection
(3) Most energy-efficient
(4) No noise, the most environmentally friendly
(5) Flow and anti-fouling material stuck
(6) Enhance the pressure level up to 12kg/cm ²
(7) 110/220v voltage dual-use
(8) Book maximum current of 30A

Ultra Low Noise Level 33dBA
Taiwan ITRI actual measurement, the GS-type air dryer operation 33dBA, environmentally friendly low-frequency noise control standards.

No negative pressure indirectly pressurized water supply
Comply with tap water regulations, not by plumbing directly pumping requirements approved by the water company (Taiwan Suyeong No. 09200074890), agree that the user selected for single-family Tou Tiancuo as indirect pressure water supply equipment, the functional equivalent of the ground floor Free set cistern (water tower), you can save the water tower equipment area 2-3 Ping, increase the use of space.

Absolute power level control switch
15 seconds without water immediate and automatic power-off protection to prevent the lack of water pressure or water, the motor burned idling.

Energy saving
(1) All anhydrous immediate power level control and dual thermostat disconnect device to prevent the motor improper idling, and therefore save electricity.
(2) Water pressure enough, can be directly through the pump into the top floor of the water ride, do not need to start running motor.
(3) Shorten lift height provincial power saving (full head) - (tap water pressure height) = actual head, is less than the actual head full head, head shortened and it could save time and power.
(4) full tube Kap Shui, to shorten water supply time: indirect negative pressure pumping function, and so the water bucket full of water level in the pump to draw water, the water pressure is insufficient automatic power-off and it could be full tube fully Kap Shui, there will be no general The only hard-pumping pumps water pressure is low, regardless of how much water, or no water is still idling, the invisible waste electricity without know.

Save water
Due to lacking negative pressure is not hard pumping, the meter will not be idle, not the general pumping motor inadequate water pressure pumping hard, cause the pipeline negative pressure, little water, water meters due to the negative pressure siphon continue to operate, and inviting many water bills.

Reduce water pipe pipeline leakage rate
Illegal use of pumps direct pumping pipelines negative pressure led to the rupture of old plumbing, pipeline leakage rate among the highest in the world one of the main reasons caused the treasury an annual loss of billions of dollars.

Not produce negative pressure caused by the lack of water pressure of the water pipeline
Illegal pipeline pumping directly caused negative pressure, when the water reached its peak, the pipeline end hit areas and direct pumping often for lack of water, affecting water quality.

No negative pressure will not cause water pollution
Siphon illegal pumps pumping directly due to negative pressure, inhaled pollutants or germs ruptured pipe outside line water pollution affect health.

Sophisticated appearance does not occupy space, installation is simple
(1) A lack of water pressure. Detached villa upward pressure water supply to the water tower use.
(2) Courtyard landscaping pools, hot tubs loop pressurized withfactories, schools, hotels, temples pressurized water supply.

Hidden against the current Manifolds
The overall design, hidden on the pump, in addition to make the product compact, more provincial pick up the cost, and to prevent pipeline reflux can reduce lift and power saving.

Last Update : 2014-07-18
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