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sanitized carpet

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In-house epidemic prevention and disinfection good helper Sanitization blanket designed for home


  • Feature : Anti-Slip,Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Pattern : Printed
  • Style : Mini
  • Technique : Braided
  • Use : Door
  • size : 60*90cm, 120*150cm, 120*180cm

Key Features

Need to be paired with bleach, diluted alcohol, baking soda, hypochloric acid water, antibacterial liquid, soapy water or commercially available safe disinfectant products

【What is a sanitized carpet?】

Disinfected carpets can be covered with any disinfection product suitable for providing disease or bioprotection and transferred by transport wheel.
The internal special wide version of short ring hair is made to easily absorb and maintain the disinfectant, the thickness is just 5mm to ensure that the material on the wheel is easy to pass through and does not become a hotbed of bacteria.
When the vehicle passes through the disinfection pad, the solution is passed on to the wheels, eliminating the risk of contamination entering the protected area.
Under the impact of the pneumonia outbreak, the health of the people has been improved, will immediately wash clothes to avoid foreign pollution but ignore the importance of the soles, People clean it on average once every one to two months.
University research suggests that shoes carry far more bacteria than toilets for as little as two weeks.

【Walk around every day in shoes, how many bacteria are there in a pair of shoes?】

A study by Arizona State University found that the soles carry up to 66 million bacteria, including special bacteria and viruses that can cause various infections in the stomach, eyes, and lungs.
Regular home cleaning still cannot effectively isolate germs, except for spending a lot of time, unable to isolate completely, easily polluting the environment, spending a lot of water, and increasing the chance of slipping.
The sole of the shoe is in close contact with the ground, and has strong fluidity to follow the user in and out. Become an "invisible and highly conductive and fluid source of terrible pollution", the first important medium for spreading disease

【six characteristics of disinfection blanket】

1.Ring hair fluffy fiber material, can be covered about 2 liters of disinfectant does not leak.

2.Contact convex surface and dust concave surface 4:1 ratio both large contact disinfection liquid area and scraping into dust dirt.

3.Bump groove face difference of 3mm, trolleys, cleaning carts, luggage carts, wheelchairs and other wheeled transport can be easily transferred.

4.Proper water absorption rate can be fully moistsole and can contain the disinfection liquid is not easy to diffuse.

5. Bleach, diluted alcohol, baking soda powder, hypochloric acid water, antibacterial liquid, soapy water can be used, carpet face will not be so rapid cracking fade.

6.It is a non -toxic and tasteless safety material, through heavy metals, plasticizers and other safety testing.

【Patented design of disinfection blanket】
1,The patented wide - face groove design has a scraping mud dust collection, eliminating most of the dirt up to the antibacterial effect.
2,Ring hair fluffy fiber material can be covered with disinfectant, can keep long wet non- dry moisture is not easy to lose.
3,Environmental protection composite bottom barrier moisture, reduce impact, special and efficient bottom, reduce the chance of slipping.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT
  • Minimum Order : 1 20' Container

Last Update : 2020-05-20
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