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Ruby collagen youth cream-Beauty Amino Acid Mousse

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Ruby collagen youth cream
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  • Feature : Anti-Aging,Anti-Wrinkle,Lightening,Moisturizer
  • Use : Day,Night

Key Features

ruby collagen youth cream



Capacity    50ml


product manual:


Red collagen youth cream to the skin full of anti-wrinkle essence, promote skin metabolism, intensively replenish the nutrients needed to age the skin, improve rough and dull, make the skin supple and translucent, effectively smooth the fine lines so that traces of aging gradually receded, and through Vitamin C with excellent permeability, persistence, prevention of melanin precipitation,improve color, the unique active factor directly deep muscular rich moisture,improve skin elasticity, make the skin firm and smooth, from the inside and outside the double maintenance, skin More perfect flawless.


Anti-wrinkleand firm, effectively smoothes fine lines, enhances skin elasticity, preventsmelanin precipitation, improves skin tone, and makes skin more flawless.



Apply evenly on the face and neck skin, but also strengthen the wrinkles Department,a little massage until absorbed.



Soluble Collagen, Astaxanthin,Neuramine, Vitamin C, Tocopheryl AcetateSteareth-2Steareth-21CetearylAlcoholBeeswaxOliv OilShea ButterMineral OilCyclomethiconeCaprylic/ Capric TriglycerideButylene GlycolSodiumPolyacrylatePerfumePhenoxyethanolDistilled Water






Placental Protein


Capacity    30ml



product manual:


Whitening,moisturizing, blemishing spots and fine lines so the skin looks smooth andwhite.

Key to Rejuvenation – Revitalizing Placenta Essence

Secret to instantaneous rejuvenation The social girls and supermodels skin survival kit


Thecosmetics biochemical technology in France has been internationally renownedwhile the extraction technology is leading the world. A substantial number ofskin care product companies import their cosmetic raw materials from France.

The quality of placenta lies on the retention of active ingredients. The factory uses the placenta from advanced company, FEFRA from France, which extraction process adoptsthe state-of-the-art cryogenic refrigeration and sterile extraction so that the content of active placenta ingredients is higher and can integrate with the skin better. 



The placenta essence of the factory provides the skin with complete nutrient replenishment, intensely perfect repairing, whitening, moisturizing,tightening, anti-wrinkles, and young skin backtracking. The long-term use can refine and whiten the skin with resilience, so that the skin can renew like new-born baby’s skin.





Apply asmall amount on the face after cleaning day and night, gently massage to helpabsorption.





Placental ProteinEGFHydrolyzed Silk ProteinHyaluronicAcidolypeptidechamomileSericinDextranLicorice extractL-ArbutinGlycerinYeastextractPhenoxyethanol nDistilled water




Micro Beauty Amino Acid Mousse


Capacity : 150ml


product manual:


Amino Acid Cleansing Ingredients Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate Contains no soap, fine foam, gentle cleansing, refreshing& moisturizing.


Micro-beauty layer of water repair theperfect repair

Golden Five Maintenance and repair principles - Jie Yan, moisturizing, repair, whitening, sun protection

Colorless, fragrance-free, alcohol-free,light skin with no burden

For a variety of skin, especially dry andwater-sensitive and sensitive skin




Take the right amount of cleansing mousse, gently massage the entire face and wash the foam.





Gherkin Sodium lauroyl glutamateCitric AcidCocamide MEASodium methylcocoyl TaurateSodium PCADisodiumCocamphodiacetateDipotassium GlycyrrhizinateSodium LactateTrehalosePhenoxyethanolDistilled Water



Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 1 Pieces

Last Update : 2018-10-04
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Ruby collagen youth cream-Beauty Amino Acid Mousse
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