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Pumps, Electronic Flow Control Regulators Pressure Machine

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Key Features

‧ Water and Steady voltage function
‧ Without water automatic power-off protection
‧ Most energy-efficient
‧ No noise, the most environmentally friendly
‧ Flow and anti-fouling material stuck
‧ Enhance the pressure level up to 12kg/cm ²
‧ 110/220v voltage dual-use
‧ Book maximum current of 30A

Product specifications & features:

1. Functional design of electronic flow control regulator
(1) A not small amount of water with water, causing the motor to start the ordinary than ho electricity, so the "energy saving" feature.
(2) The water pressure will not suddenly suddenly small, gas water heater will not suddenly open suddenly off, causing the gas leak, the water temperature is not hot and cold.

2. Electronic sensor switch control
Not "dripping noise generated according to the general pressure switch.

3. Anhydrous automatic power-off protection
Without water 15 seconds, electronic flow control sensor switch off immediately.

4. Against the current valve combined with magnetic sensing rod and the filter body, patented structural design features
(1) Not have a common controller, vulnerable to sediment stuck, the motor will not shut down or start.
(2) Water flow increases to the size 1 "to 1 1/2" 2 times.

5. Output maximum current of 30A, the the 2HP following pump are applicable

6. Rubber diaphragm disc back patented design
(1) due to lack of pressure to the rubber diaphragm leaking packing enough pressure machine often start.
(2) enhance the rubber septum grinding pressure degrees, the body can withstand voltage up to 12kg/cm ²
7. 110/220v voltage dual-use:
Voltage is not the time to immediately power-off protection to prevent damage.

8. Downward pressure along the flow control type (blue):
The special features flow leakage, flow is less than 0.6kg/cm ², such as RO water filters made of water, toilets, faucets leaking, there will be no pressure alertness often start the bundle interference, if demand, please specify. 
9. Volume size (L x W x H / mm)
210 x 95 x 175 / mm

Last Update : 2014-07-18
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