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Professional EASY Building Material, Plank Board

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Environment-friendly Building Materials

Key Features

100% of EASY environment-friendly building materials are produced in Taiwan. If you are interested in our Plank Boards, welcome to contact us via email for more details!

❑ Product Specification

Item No.:
 3x 28 thick materials, 6 Taiwanese meter
3 x 28 thick materials, 8 Taiwanese meter
3.8 x 18 thick materials, 6 Taiwanese meter
 3.8 x 18 thick plates, 8 Taiwanese meter
3 x 28 x 180(cm)
3 x 28 x 240(cm)
3.8 x 18 x 180(cm)
3.8 x 18 x 240(cm)
Surface treatment:
With embossing, without embossing

❑ EASY Building Materials

The application fields of using EASY functional building materials widely replace with a large amount of wood building materials; with the raising concern for environmental protection, it has become an inevitable trend to find substitutes for wooden materials (angle materials/ post materials). Building materials, home decoration, industrial products, warehousing and logistics, etc., wherever wood is used, [EASY functional Building Materials] products can be applicable, and even some metal products can be replaced or connected. The product applications are wide and the market development are bright.


TERCEL HI-TECH CO., LTD., formerly known as Daxin Knitting Factory, has been 50 years since it was established in 1970. The company transformed into an environmental protection technology industry in October 2019. Walking on eggshells, Skating on thin ice! Restarting business is because of a respect for environmental protection, and for benefits of our descents in the future. Planting more forests and reducing waste plastic to make the planet cleaner, hoping to get public support and recognition.
100% of EASY environment-friendly building materials are produced in Taiwan. The products include flooring materials, angle materials, post materials, decorative strips and cylinder columns and other environment-friendly building materials that meet different dimensional specifications in the decoration market.
The construction method is the same as carpentry construction. It can be sawed, nailed (nail gun), drilled, planed, glued, and painted.
The construction interface is applicable on such as cement floor and wall, aluminium-iron metal plate or wall, woodware, and plastic can be glued or connected, which can replace wood materials in the wood market, saving trees from the forest from cutting, more Phytoncide, and return life to nature.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 20' Container

Last Update : 2020-09-28
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