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Power SCADA System

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Key Features

1. Understand and master the situation of instant power consumption The instant power display can help the manager to understand and master the power usage situation, and the demand calculation and estimation function can issue an alarm before the upcoming contract, and cooperate with the feasible deceleration or load reduction measures to achieve the control power demand does not exceed the contract. The result of capacity. 2. Accurately estimate the electricity demand This system provides the same timing method as the Taipower MOF meter. The time system of the system and the time system of the Taipower MOF meter can be pulled to the synchronous state by simple ¡¨time synchronization¡¨ operation. Therefore, the power information used makes the system more complete. Accurately estimate the electricity demand at that moment. 3. Replace manual meter reading and regular production of statistical reports The system collects various power information such as voltage, current, power, watt-hour, etc. It can set the date and time automatic scheduling to generate electricity consumption statistical reports, which can reduce the daily workload of maintenance personnel's routine meter reading, and let the managers really grasp each Class statistics. 4. Remote setting to adjust various power parameters Through the remote Client computer, you can modify various factors and set values ​​including contract capacity, alarm demand, correction factor, two-stage or three-stage power selection. 5. Digital meter and related IT equipment construction The power information is transmitted to the relevant IT equipment of the system by a digital electric meter and a digital communication line. 6. Instant power display function The power-up map, which is familiar to the power maintenance personnel, integrates various power information on the computer screen. 7. Instant demand estimation calculation function Integrate power information, time system synchronization, power management, and more to provide accurate estimates. 8. Alarm and event message management Management of power alarms and events. 9. Calculation of electricity cost and CO2 emissions Collect electricity consumption information from sources in each meter (feeder), calculate electricity consumption costs based on data such as unit price of electricity, electricity hours, and daily holidays, and calculate CO2 emissions according to the CO2 emission coefficient provided by the power company. Management decision support.

Last Update : 2019-08-20
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