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Pilot-Scale Microbial Fermentation Assembly

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Key Features

Production Plant-Scale microbial Fermentation Assembly
⊙ Completely automatic home position antiseptic.
⊙ 70% above piston displacement, not dead chamfered groove body design.
⊙ Is suitable each kind of batch of type (batch), feeds the material to approve type (fed-batch),
continuous-type (continuous), semicontinuous (Semicontinuous) and the high density type raise.
⊙ In the trough all contact faces pick the machinery to polish #400+EP manually, the trough outside
surface pick the machinery to polish #300+EP manually.
  ps: EP : Electro Polishing, MP : machinery Polishing
⊙ The strengthening bears the high torque bearing transmission unit and the transmission place
(SUS304+ the superficial EP processing).
⊙ .on-line sterilizable card box-type y-axis seals
⊙  Various types high disperser air bubble efficiency agitation wing (high kLa value design) (Stirs the wing
all to be possible to adjust highly the position willfully, in accordance to few trial productions).
⊙ Sanitary clamps the interface to apply goes against the pressure sensory element, the mutual lack of
understanding type pressure in the trough calculates per capita, the trough goes against prepares to enter the
material mouth.
⊙ Φ25 The standard may exchange the electricity to be extremely (pH、DO、Preparation electricity
extremely each)
⊙  The asepsis opens the air conduit quickly (Guards against the jamming to design the high dispersible air
bubble linksparger), May dismantle the clean easily
⊙ Opens the strengthening short neck to add the medicine mouth, the burning type quickly plants the fungus
mouth,the diaphragm needle pours three section of types to plant the fungus mouth.
⊙  The on-line antiseptic AF electricity is extremely (May adjust the altitude, in accordance to Foaming height
position) (Height level hypothesis, in accordance to different antifoaming strategy)
⊙  The barrel head special-purpose not accumulates the material discharge hole, may in the heavy multiple track
the antiseptic non-dead angle health level barrel bottom valve, the antiseptic build sampling valve.
⊙  High sensitivity rotational speed sensory element (1,000Hz) To does not have the section speed change
frequency changer by the PID automatic calculation back coupling compensation output (May control the
rotational speed in ±1rpm)
⊙  Various types stainless steel outer covering pressure gauge、The entire quantity type blow off stainless steel
safety valve.
⊙  Attaches may the antiseptic -like air admission sieve examines formula US system Millipore 0.2μm to filter the
⊙ Attaches may the antiseptic -like exhaust sieve examines formula US system Millipore0.2μm to filter the
⊙ Attaches cooling water Y to sieve examines the formula, the vapor sieves examines the formula, the vapor
pressure relief valve, the air multiple at the beginning of filters the group and the air pressure-regulating
valve group.
⊙ Shell tubular surface condenser: (In shell SUS316, shell outer tube SUS304). The hygienic level opens the type
quickly, in order to help clean.
⊙ Tubing control unit: Antiseptic control valve group(Carries out spatially, this kills the antiseptic formula)、
Temperature control tubing valve group, asepsis ventilation control tubing valve group, Temperature control
tubing valve group, asepsis ventilation control tubing valve temperature control tubing valve group, asepsis
ventilation control tubing valve.


Last Update : 2015-06-20
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