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Pet Cleaning

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  • Application : Cats,Dog
  • Grooming Products Type : Bathing Products,Clean Up Products

Key Features

1. Sapindus Antibacterial Deodorant Shampoo (Whole dog, cat dedicated)

Capacity : 500ml
product manual:
Brand-new non-tear formula that is mild, moisturizing, and non-allergic that profoundly cleanses pet fur. Rinse after wash
Brand-new non-tear formula for mild cleansing and non-allergic
Providing a SPA-grade experience for your pets So he can become the luckiest pet~
Added with the BUDDLEJA AO cultivated organically from the Alpines. The variety is an Alpine exclusive with accreditation and certification from ECOCERT and NATURE as organic products. It is a plant extract with double certification in ECOCERT and NATURE.  
Dry the cats and dogs after shower until the skin underlying the fur is dry or else their fur will form knots and even bristle blocks. The skin
underneath the knots and bristle blocks are likely to breed bacterial
and mold.

Wet the pet and dilute the shampoo with water into a solution in ratio of 1:5. Spread the bubbles onto the dogs, rub and thoroughly rinse with water. Try not to spread the shampoo directly onto the dog fur to avoid residues resulting from incomplete rinsing so the god is likely to have skin disorders.

2. Sapindus  Antibacterial deodorant protection scouring light
(White dog,cat dedicated)

Capacity : 500ml
product manual:
★ deep gentle wash, reduce skin odor, drive fleas, lice and other pests.
★ soothing pet skin discomfort, restrain itching, dry and comfortable.
★ with long-term anti-mildew, antibacterial ingredients, can prevent mold and bacterial infection.
★ balance the sebaceous gland secretion, while reducing the dander production.
The car will be wet to the body to wash the hair 1: the amount of water 8 diluted, and then apply the foam on the dog body, scrub and then rinse thoroughly with water, try not to wash the hair directly applied to the dog fur, To avoid the rinse is not clean and residual, resulting in dogs prone to skin disease.

Cats and dogs must be dry, the standard is to even the bottom of the fur must be dry, or their hair will be knotted, or even into a hard chun; no dry, then make hair knot and under the hair Skin growth bacteria and mold.

3. Baby pet moisturizing repair moisturizing

Capacity  :  500ml
product manual:
★ restore pet fur vitality, moisturizing, nourish, reduce hair loss, to maintain health.
★ let the pet fur bright and supple, remove the static knot.
★ deep repair pet fur, enhance flexibility and toughness.
After scouring the scouring of the net, take the amount of hair flour, smear rub the pet fur, then rinse the water can be.

4. Sapindus Pet Cleansing Spray (Dry clean)

Capacity : 250ml
product manual:
Cleaning pets and deodorant

★Non-medicinal, containing cleaning function for dirt, anti Bacterial
, eliminating pet body odor, urine smell, and deodorant.
★Anti-static charge, enhancing pet fur smoothness.
★Usage timing: Partial fur cleaning, cold weather, inconvenience for 
bathing, foot cleaning after taking a walk.
Spray on the part of the pets that require cleaning evenly before wiping dry with a dry towel.

5. Pet Fluffy Fur Care Solution

Capacity : 250ml
product manual:
Pet Fluffy Fur Care Solution
★ Strengthening pet fur texture with enhanced radiance.
★ Increasing pet fur fluffiness without the knows and easy cleaning
For pet with bristle blocks, comb with the fur conditioner to maintain that supple radiance. 

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 6 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-11-27
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