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Key Features

key Specifications:
  • Caller ID transferred
• Auto detect Fax Sgnal
• Outward code dialing ( least cost route, can save call fee)
• Auto add IP code when dial long-distance call
• Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit
• Station lock ( personal password, allows lock your extension)
• Busy transferred
• Unconditional Transferred
• Call Transferred to Secretary
• Do Not Disturb(DND)
• Day and Night service
•  3 pcs OGM for DISA.
• Call Pick Up
• Party Conference ( between 2 extensions and 1 CO line )
• Party Conference ( among 3 extensions)
• Executive busy override
• Monitor voice record
• Enable/ disable outside caller reaches extension by one touch dialing
• Hot line ( Call to operator as soon as lifts handset without any number input )
• One touch dialing, allows call to operator by one key
• Outside line ring by turns( allows assign extension ring by turns when has outside call)
• Flexible Ringing Assignment,allows has maximum of eight extension ringing at the same time
• Programmable Call Restrictions & Call Barring
• Hold with Multiple Call Handling
• Call on holding
• Extension outgoing call class
• Extension free notice
•.Extension number assignable freewill ( 2, 3 or 4 digits)
• Self-Extension Number Confirmation
• Various Outside ( CO ) Line Access Mode Selection( least cost routing)
• Make outside call by code ( speed dialing, increase your work efficiency,least cost routing)
• Remote program, more convenient and easy after service.
• Comfort Tone On Hold
• External music input as holding music
• 80 System Speed dials• Operator Call
• Pulse and Tone mode setting
• Polarity Reverse Detection
• Call Forward to Secretary and on Busy
• Power Failure Transfer
• PC Billing function, also can program function by PC, etc.


  • 12pcs/Carton
  • N/W:21kg/carton
  • G/W:22kg/carton
  • Carton size(mm):425×425×60
  • Warrranty:One year
  • Supply 2% spare part with the shipment

Last Update : 2012-08-29
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