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NuProg-E UFS/eMMC Programmer

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UFS Programmer

Key Features


NuProg-E is a professional engineering tool that is innovated for programming mass flash storage with its speed and reliability, which is achieved by utilizing industry interface standard of interconnect layer specification, M-PHY and Unipro from MIPI® Alliance. Together with built-in Super Speed® USB 3.0 for high speed communication, it is an efficient tool for you to focus on application analysis and product development.

NuProg-E programmer supports Universal Flash Storage (UFS), eMMC and eMCP which are widely used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Designed with complete functional software and user-friendly interface, it allows the engineer to define UFS‘s Descriptors, Attributes, Flags, LUN and boot partition; In addition, it also provides access to eMMC/eMCP’s User Area, Boot, RPMB, GPP and Enhanced area.


Features :


1. High speed programming

    - Built in high speed processor to achieve high programming speed(Write speed 50MB/s; Read speed 100MB/s) Time reference :1GB image file is programmed into Toshiba UFS IC in just 25 seconds


2. Support UFS and EMMC/EMCP programming

■ UFS part

  1. Support Descriptors、Attributes、Flags Setting
  2. Support LUN configured and advance setting

■ EMMC part

  1. Support User Area、Boot1/2 Partition and Extend CSD
  2. Support RPMB、GPP1~4 and Enhanced mode


3. Support all IC package

    - Support standard package for UFS and EMMC, or special package for EMCP


4. Regular software update


5. Palm size and space saving

 - Dimension:132 x 75 x 30 mm Weight:104g


6. Support USB2.0 and USB3.0 (using power adapter)


7. Support Windows7/8/8.1/10

Last Update : 2017-06-12
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