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N002-PDR (Single Layer Nano Graphene Platelet)

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Angstron Materials Asia Limited
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Graphene- Advanced materials for performance coating and composites


  • O2 Content  : ≦2.5%
  • Carbon Content : >95%
  • SSA : 400~600m²/g

Key Features

Graphene, an advanced material which has outstanding performance on thermal conductivity, electricity efficiently and mechanical strength etc.
Angstron owns more than 400 patents to provide the advantaged graphene products on multiple applications in electric, coating and polymer industries.
  • Optical Properties
Graphene is nearly transparent and has superb optical transparency: 97.3%.
  • Thermal Properties
The thermal conductivity of single layer graphene is 5,300 W/m·K, which is 13 times higher than copper.
  • Conducting Properties
The electronic mobility of graphene is 15,000 cm2/V·s at room temperature, which is higher than carbon nanotube and wafer.
The resistivity of graphene would be 10-6 Ω·cm. This is less than the resistivity of copper and silver, the lowest otherwise known at room temperature.
  • Mechanical Properties
Graphene is also one of the stiffest (modulus ~1 TPa), it is 200 times stronger than steel, and strongest (strength ~32 GPa) materials.
  • Others Properties
Graphene has exceptional (1) barrier (2) corrosion resistance (3) specific surface area of 2,675 m2/g.
  • Coating: Anti-corrosion, thermal management and electrical conductivity
  • Polymer Composites: Thermal management, electrical conductivity and mechanical strength

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Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 2 Kilogram/Kilograms

Last Update : 2019-01-17
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