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MustUp Breast Herbal Massage Oil plus+

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Powerful Breast Care Product


  • Feature : Anti-Wrinkle

Key Features


MustUp Breast Herbal Massage Oil plus+

MustUp Breast Herbal Massage Oil : 3 MINS A DAY YOU’LL FEEL THE CHANGE.
●Exclusive scent and herbal oil extracts to help enrich deeper of breast glands !
●Patent for Capsule coating technology with Camellia Oil, containt and Neo-tech all ingredients. Help easy reach into breast to active and fill-in.
●Contains Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Cumin . Deep enrich into breast to active inner power!
●Added with estrogenic hormone. Awake your femininity of your body.
●Helps your breast tense and feel silky, looking stacked, full, and curvy.
●Base oil contains borage and jojoba oil . Effective in leaving your breasts skin silk-soft.
●Smaller molecules make the oil easily-absorbed and not oily at all.
●Applied with massage with fist-hand over 3-5 times s will active your breast glands .

Product Feature

üExclusive scent designed by international fragrance designersMesmerize your man right away!
üAdded with estrogenic hormone. Release your femininity.
üHelps enhance your breasts, looking stacked, full, and curvy.
üContains borage oil and hexyldecanol. Effective in leaving your breasts skin silk-soft.
üSmaller molecules make the oil easily-absorbed and not oily at all.
üApplied with massage on acupuncture points will upgrade your cups.

Direction to Use:

Before going to sleep after bathing, squeeze out the Must Up Breast Herbal Massage Oil plus+ in about 2 cm in diameter, apply it to the breast and the surrounding skin after warming up in the palm.
Relax the left arm, the right hand clenched and thumbs up, starting from the supernumerary breast of the left side breast to the middle of the chest, horizontal massage to the sternum. Then follow the same way to massage and go down, left and right breasts exchange the same way massage, do not massage to the nipple.
The left hand palm affixed to the posterior head dipper, the right hand web (a part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger) from the left hand elbow sliding to the armpit.
Grabbed behind the chest to the direction of the back muscle, at the same time, with the right hand knuckles the excess breast and back muscle at the same time grabbed forward and massage, do ten times on each side.


Main Function :

Help stimulate the adrenal secretion of estrogen, stimulate breast & mammary gland development, increase the secretion of prolactin, to help postpartum women through the milk. Also used to regulate menstruation, menstrual blood and menstrual pain, can also help menopause women relieve discomfort.
When used in lactation, it does help mammary gland pregnancy effect, you can feel faster mammary gland circulation, and breast and uterus will interact, accelerate the cycle of the breast, the uterus will accelerate the contraction, and the more milk secretion, the energy consumption of more, the faster postpartum slimming, which is the experience of breast-feeding mothers who will all experience.

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    Must Up Breast Herbal Massage Oil (Bella Oil)

Last Update : 2020-04-17
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