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MustCut High Fiber Bulletproof Latte

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A great combination for ketogenic diet


  • Type : Instant Powder

Key Features

MustCut High Fiber Bulletproof Latte

A great combination for ketogenic diet

Regulates physiological functions

Japanese patented high fiber to promote smooth bowel movements

Patented Alishan Xiaozhu Ginger to enhance metabolism

Main ingredients

High-quality MCT chain fat, enhances satiety, regulates gastrointestinal function, and promotes metabolism.

100% Arabica Alpine Coffee Beans: Medium-baked, reverse-extracted to preserve the original aroma of coffee. Promotes metabolism.

Japanese Patented High Fiber: Satiety x metabolism. Promotes gastrointestinal function to make bowel movements smoother. Increases the  feeling of fullness.

PZR Patented Alishan Xiaozhu Ginger: Helps the body to warm up. Promotes metabolism, 100% activates the highest effect, and enhances physical strength.

Inulin: Helps the digestive tract to make the bowel movement smooth, and maintains its health.

Product Features

. The brewing is simple and smooth, with a rich latte taste.

. An alternative for breakfast, drinks or afternoon snacks. Convenient and easy to prepare.

. No burden, low 60 calorie / pack, helps increase metabolism throughout the day!

. PZR patented Alishan Xiaozhu ginger. A single unit increase in the body’s temperature, increases metabolism by three times.

. Japanese patented high-fiber. Does not affect the taste, and increases the feeling of fullness and metabolism by 10x. Promotes active digestion for smoother bowel movements and increases the feeling of fullness.

How to use

1. According to your preferred taste, add 100~150 C.C. of hot water. Brew and mix thoroughly.

2. One cup a day, replacing breakfast, is the best helper for the ketogenic diet plan.

3. Replace afternoon tea or snacks, with MustCut low calorie high fiber coffee for a full feeling.


1. The total daily intake of caffeine should be less than 300mg. Do not drink too much.

2. For children under the age of 12, pregnant women, lactating women, and people taking medications or those in special circumstances, please consult a doctor (medicine) before eating.

3. For those with poor liver function, please be careful.

4. This product contains milk and caffeine, so it is not suitable for people who are allergic to it.

5. Egg milk is edible.

6. Please keep out of reach of young children.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

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Last Update : 2020-03-31
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