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Motor run capacitor for fan

Model No.
RA 2.5/350VAC
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Fan Capacitor


  • Application : AC/ Motor,Fan
  • Package Type : Surface Mount
  • RA-G 2.5uF/450V : 2.5uF/450Vac, 3.5uF/450Vac
  • RA-G 3.5uF/350V : 3.5uF/350Vac
  • RA-W 400V : 8uF/400Vac, 10uF/400Vac, 12uF/400Vac
  • RA-T 400V : 10uF/400Vac, 40uF/400Vac, 50uF/400Vac, 60uF/400Vac, 70uF/400Vac, 80uF/400Vac
  • RA-W 250V : 100uF/250Vac, 120uF/250Vac, 125uF/250Vac, 140uF/250Vac
  • RA 2.5uF/350V : 2.5uF/350Vac
  • RA-W 300V : 100uF/300Vac, 16uF/300Vac
  • RA-W 350V : 100uF/350Vac
  • RA-W 400V : 100uF/400Vac, 14uF/400Vac, 20uF/400Vac
  • RA-W 450V : 12uF/450Vac
  • RA-W 500V : 14uF/500Vac
  • RA 3.5uF/450V : 3.5uF/450Vac

Key Features

Series filter capacitors, vibrating capacitors, AC running motor capacitors, HID capacitors, fluorescent capacitors

Operating temperature: -25 to +85oC

Capacitance range: 1.0 to 120.0μF

Capacitance tolerance: J = ± 5%, U = + 10 to -5%, K = ± 10%

Rated working voltage range: 250 to 500V AC, 50/60Hz

Withstand voltage test:

  • Dielectric strength test (TV):
    • Rated voltage x 175% for 1 to 5 seconds
  • Between terminals and case (TC):
    • Rated voltage x 2 + 1,000V for one minute, at 25oC

Dissipation factor (DF): 0.5% maximum, when measured at 1kHz, 25oC

Insulation resistance (IR):

  • Between terminals: above 1,000ΩF, at in 100V DC at 25oC
  • Between terminals and case: above 10,000mΩ, at 500V DC at 25oC

Pull test:

  • Will sustain 2kg steady pull in the direction of lead egress and 1kg steady pull at any 90 degrees angle for 60 seconds
  • After test, capacitor shall show no evidence of damage and pass all electrical requirements

Damp-heat test:

  • Capacitor are subjected to an environmental test chamber at RH 90 to 95%, operating temperatures for 240 hours
  • After the test, capacitor shall be conditioned at room temperature for 2 hours and meet the following criteria:
    • Capacitance change shall be less than 3%
    • Dissipation factor shall be less than 0.2%
    • Insulation resistance shall be over 50% of the minimum requirement

Life test:

  • On/off: 100,000 cycle ± 5,000 times on 2 seconds off 2 seconds at operating temperatures with rated voltage
  • After the test, the capacitance drift 5%, dissipation factor 0.5%, insulation resistance 50%
Sales Assistant : Joan
mail: service@tenta.com.tw

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 5,000 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-10-28
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