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Mini Battery Charger

Model No.
MBC- 1
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Key Features

1. The minimum size and weight of Booster in the world.  The product adopts instant strong discharge battery.  Compared with any other heavy battery chargers, which are normally up to 8 kilograms in the market, the weight of the product is only 3.3 kilograms which is lighter and handier.  Even females can easily operate too. It’s the smallest size in the world and will not occupy big space on storage in your car trunk, camper or home garage.

2. It can start and save car instantly. The powerful 500 mini Amps electricity can easily and directly start up to 3500cc (12V) gasoline engine vehicles. (Please note that the product can also be used on the diesel car which is 12V.)

3. The product can ensure that the car computer system will not be damaged or returned to Zero when starting the car. (Normally, when using one car to save and start another car, it often causes the car computer system to be damaged or returned to Zero because of instant rise and fall of voltage.)

4. Using only one unit of the product can start and save your car without any assistance from another car.  With this product, you will not be limited with the length of the cables, no matter the car is at a parking lot in a dead or unreachable angle, or at a mechanical parking garage, outdoor camping parking sites, etc....

5. The product adopts automatic control circuit.  When the product is charged with full amount of electricity, it will automatically power-off to avoid the overcharge so the product life can be extended.

6. The product adopts safe plastic electricity nips.  Furthermore, the product is installed with one fuse which can avoid the danger of the short circuit when the cable nips touches the car or touch each other.

7. There is no memory effect for this rechargeable product so you can charge the battery at any time and any place.  It will not cause any damage even though the battery is charged for the long time. (Overnight)

8. The charging hole of the product can provide 12V/60W power which can be connected and used with any car appliances and accessories, such as PL light, car vacuum cleaner, car electric fan, walkie-talkie.  It is very good for outdoor Campers.

9. Product Specifications:

A. Size: 23 cm (length) x 8.5cm (depth) x 16.5 cm (height )
B. Weight: 3.3 kgs
C. Output: 12V (DC)
D. Instant Max Current: 500 Ampere
E. Charging Power: AC 100 – 240 V adaptor
F. Rechargeable Battery: Acid Battery DC 12V 17A
G. Car Range: 12V, up to 3500CC gasoline car

We are looking for the Sole Agent and Distributor in the world.

For more details, please contact us immediately.  Thanks!

Last Update : 2010-10-06
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