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Mighty light transparent white sunscreen- Morocco hair care

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Anti-aging moisturizing whiten
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Key Features

 Mighty light transparent white sunscreen


Capacity    30ml


product manual:


I do not want to remember the sun will darken 

Do not think only in the sun or in the outdoor only need sunscreen, 

actually in the room also needed. 


Because ultraviolet light in the UVA / UVB both cause skin tanning, but also with a UV lamp chamber, so rub sunscreen UV rays in order to avoid 

skin hurt! 


 SPF50 + PA  ★★★ high sun protection factor, while protective UVA

 and UVB. 


Physical sunscreen ingredients, calms sensitive muscle also apply. 


 light texture Baotou cool not hot, good ductility, nonsticky, does not block pores, not white. 

 add vitamin C glucoside, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients whitening, whitening strengthen and enhance the degree of moisture, prevent dry skin. 

 can use when isolated milk, longlasting effects not easily makeup. 



Please before you go out for about 15 to 20 minutes evenly to the skin. If you sweat, please re  apply industrious, to prolong the effect of sunscreen. 



Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C glucoside 





Neckstretch vitality oil compound




product manual:


Soothing, relaxing shoulder and neck.




Use 6-8 drops of diluted massage, bath or aromatherapy.





Lavender, rosewood, rosemary, blackpepper, marjoram







Moroccoinstantaneous pure hair care


Cabacity  :  80ml



Salon Class "Moroccan Transparency HairCare" Zero Greasy Air Emulsion
Experience theNew Hair Care Concept Reduce the bifurcation fracture, strengthen the toughnessand elasticity of hair, long-term maintenance of hair health and vitality, isthe fat hair salvation, deep hair care, shape a good helper!


North African desert precious liquid gold

Moroccan nut oil preparation method isvery time-consuming and laborious, 40 kg of Moroccan nuts fruit can only bemade into 1 liter of nut oil, production is rare and difficult to extract,Morocco nut oil content of vitamin E than olive oil, so precious and Rare, likeliquid gold. As the source of natural, has a long history, the effect issignificant, so Moroccan nut oil swept the hairdressing sector, the latesthairdressing products.


Keep the hair every time to improve the chance of hair, hair care once in place!
1. Hair care repair use
Semi-dry - clean after moisturizing, rapid penetration of the core, repair damaged tail, and lock the water, increase strength and toughness, improve hair quality.
Dry hair - to heal the irritability, knot, bifurcation and other annoying problems, soft but able to have abundance of flexibility, so that hair smooth and supple moments.


2. Modeling and stereotypes before and after use
To fill the hair because of hot air shaping the whole hole to help repair fragile hair, can quickly shape, stereotypes, showing zero greasy and fluffy air, show
Is the light stretch, shiny shiny good hair, is the dye of the savior!


3. Out of protective use
Anti-oxidation, defense wind and sun, long-term protection of hair, increase hair elasticity, to avoid the climate and external environmental factors brought about by the injury,
Healthy hair shine.
Repair, styling hair. Repel rough frizz, to create light fluffy, reduce bifurcation fracture.




Hair clean, semi-dry or dry in the middle of the hair when the hair to the end, and avoid wiping the scalp, so as not to hair flat collapse. The amount of hair and the amount of individual use may be, usually about the size of a coin.



Nuts Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, AcetateVitamin E, Tocopherols, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Parfum, CI 19140



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Last Update : 2018-10-04
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Mighty light transparent white sunscreen- Morocco hair care
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