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Microprocess control panel meter

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Key Features

V(I)F-40/50: 3 1/2 & 4 1/2 Analog Indicator

1. Signals input can be AC/DC voltage or from resistive sensor

2. The units can be changed into A(ampere), V(volt), mA (milli-ampere), M/Min or RPM

3. 0.8" LED makes display each to read

4. Percentage, offset and decimal place are settable

V(I)U-41P/42P Preset Panel Meter with DIP Switch

1. w/ DIP switch, capable of measuring in various signals, such as voltage, current, load cell and potentiometer

V(I)U-51K~53K Keyboard Preset Panel Meter

1. Capable of measuring various singals such as voltage, current, load cell, potentiometer, etc

2. OUTPUT MODE can be programmed as well

VM2-XXR-XXACV Microprocess Controller Panel Meter

1. Display range: -19999 ~ 99999, can be adjusted by preference with learning function (TEACH)

2. Can display measured value and set value, or peak value at the same time

3. Highly stable with AC/DC 90 ~ 260V power supply

VM2-RLX-XXACV Microprocess Tacho/ Line Speed Meter

1. Display range: 0 ~ 99999, can be adjusted by preference

2. Highly stable with AC/DC 90 ~ 260V power supply

3. Three comparing modes for option. Hysteresis is settable

VM2-FWR-XXACV Microprocess Analog/ Pulse Input Flow Meter

1. Able to calculate square root of the rate value (analog input)

2. Display range:0~99999999 (total value); 0~99999 (rate value), adjustable by preference

3. Digit Height: 0.36" Red (total value); 0.3" Green (rate value) 4. Sampling Time: 28~56 times/sec.(analog input); 50~999ms(pulse input/NPN)

VM2-CXR-00ACV Microprocess Communication Display Meter

1. Display range: -19999~~99999

2. Can display measured value, set value or peak value at the same time

3. Highly stable with AC/DC 90 ~ 260V power supply

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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