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MiAION Edge Computing Solution

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MiAION Edge Computing Solution
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Large Project to Product MiTAC announce MiAION Edge Computing Solution In past 20 years, MiTAC has been cooperating with governments and enterprises, helping customers from end to cloud, from Electronization to AI, and achieved numerous success cases including E-Gate System, Communication/Electronics/AFC systems in public transportation and RFID system in the Public Library of New Taipei City. MiTAC’s MiAION Edge Computing Solution is designed to help general companies achieve digital transformation by implementing dedicated smart solutions which were only applied in large-scale government /enterprise projects in the past. MiTAC has modularized these large-scale projects into different features and integrated them with hardware and software to create MiAION series products. MiTAC will showcase MiAION at 2019 Computex:  MiAION Face Recognition Solution  MiAION AI Traffic Gateway  Live-Face Detection Access Gate  IDSmart RFID Intelligent Library Solution Hardware, software & integration, work as a whole MiTAC has cooperated with the group companies such as Tyan Computer Corporation and MiTAC Computing Technology Corporation to deliver moderate-cost but high-performance hardware suitable for the specific endpoint environments. As for the software, MiAION series incorporate built-in dedicated operating system and middleware. MiTAC as the first computer company in Taiwan is also a well-known large-scale system integration company. MiTAC’s Vice President Rober Ding said, ”MiAION is the collaboration of years of large-scale projects experience and edge computing expertise” MiAION Face Recognition Solution for security and commercial use MiAION Face Recognition Solution is suitable for different scenarios across industries, such as malls, factories, residential and commercial buildings. It supports 100,000 portraits, provides real-time management and the analyzing of movements in a crowd. It can also be interfaced to the existing system such as human resources system, attendance system and customer system to conduct access control or accurate marketing. Its On-Premises architecture offers the best way to protect information and confidential data. MiAION AI Traffic Gateway for Traffic Problem & Parking Lot MiAION AI Traffic Gateway can perform the license plate recognition and vehicle identification, and then upload the results to the billing system or the customer service database for big data analysis. It can be installed on the existing traffic signs and connected with IP Cams for counting the numbers of vehicles and pedestrians on the road as the basis for managing traffic signals. Moreover, it can monitor illegal parking on the specific roads. Live-Face Detection Access Gate Live-Face Detection Access Gate is an access control system integrated with MiAION Edge Gateway, 3D liveness detection technology and facial recognition technology. It can detect fraudulent in-person faces, preventing spoofs with 2D photos and videos, as well as change the gate opening direction by adjusting the module settings. It can also be integrated with cards readers including Easycard, ipass, icash and happy-cash, etc. IDSmart RFID Intelligent Library Solution Implemented with ClarIDy’s IDSmart Library Solution, the New Taipei City Public Library commencing operations in May 2015 is the first 24-hour library in Taiwan. Library patrons can take advantage of ClarIDy’s RFID self-service system for borrowing books, returning books and making seat reservations. By applying the MiAION Edge Gateway, the system becomes more responsive, stable, and AI-enable.

Last Update : 2019-05-22
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