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Your Fashion Dream, One Step to be Realized.


  • Fabric Type : Knitted
  • Style : Casual
  • Type : Shirt/Blouse

Key Features

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Average Growth Rate of Shipping Quantities @ All Time


Fantastic Enterprise, established in 1971, based in Taiwan with more than 40 years in active operation in textile industry, experienced and specialized in creating:

Fast ODM/OEM services in ladies/men’s wear, baby clothes, pets shirts, with styles across leisure to functional to sports, for any fashion brand entrepreneurs

to be able to enter the market without delay, by easily creating your own collections with your own designs, or in use part or all of our existing fabulous ladies leisure wear styles.


• Through our One-Stop Services, you may have your own fashion collection, using a variety of functional clothing fabrics, for baby clothes, ladies wear or any apparel.

• If you don’t have enough designs, then you may select from our hundreds of shirts, polo shirts anddress.

• If you have your own designs, just let us bring them to live.


• The design+ team consists of a group of designers with restless souls.  Take “people” as a source of inspiration, dedicate to design unique clothing in style and comfort for modern lives.  By integrating functional fabrics and ergonomics garment cuttings, bring the new taste of apparel fashion to you.


1.Polyester / Cotton - for ladies leisure wear, kids clothes or pets shirts.

The base fabric incorporating comfort from natural fiber, basic wicking function from artificial fiber, and multiple design possibilities in stripes. Most importantly, compare with 100% Cotton, 65% Polyester 35% Cotton fabric lasts longer with much less shrinkage rate after washes. With 1x1 rib knitting structure, will better fit the body shape still keep the touch of comfort and leisure.

Apart from 65% Polyester 35% Cotton 1x1 rib, we may have plenty of choices of advanced functional fabrics as many world-leading functional fabric suppliers are in Taiwan.

2. Organic Cotton - for baby clothing or high-end ladies leisure wear.

3. Functional Fabrics -

a.Cooling – for sports wear, leisure wear or pets shirt.

b.Warming – for lining of jackets or part of clothing.

c.Wicking – for sports wear, under wear or leisure wear.

d.Silver fiber – for sports wear, under wear or casual clothes for elderly people.


Towards Industry 4.0

Either sampling or bulk production, we are now applying digitalization into every aspect from garment design, 3D sample presentations on virtual manikin, cutting alignment to loss control. Not only significantly speeding up the garment design development process, but also being well prepared for automation in textile manufacturing, which may bring our be-proud craftsmanship to you faster, more precise, and cheaper.



• Studying requirements with your design artwork, materials and specs.


• Confirming price

• Confirming design details


• ODM Sample US$300 per style

• You may also request a sample of our design as the product page


• Order placed as contract signed

• Payment 30% as deposit


• Quality Check and report during production

• Arranging shipment at balance 70%


• Courier or air/sea freight for prompt delivery


• After-sale services with product positioning, consumers’ feedback evaluation, and future quantities prediction.


Packaging Details

1 pc/bag, 40-100 pcs/carton

Shipping Method :

FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, air or sea freight

Delivery Time :

30-60 daysafter confirming



All the garments and knitwear will be processed through needle detection.  SAFETY is our main concern.


The purpose of Fantastic Enterprise’s policy is to state the guidelines for our Corporate Social Responsibility activities within the framework of our textile business.
The policy is divided into four main areas: Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment and Anti-corruption. Each issue has a specific action plan to ensure continual improvement.
Fantastic Enterprise commits to ensuring compliance both within its own organization as well as for partners and suppliers providing OEM/ODM services.



Fantastic Enterprise commits, in all matters within the Group's control, to supporting and respecting the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.



Fantastic Enterprise commits to showing the greatest degree of social responsibility towards our employees. We do of course support the abolition of child labor and forced labor, and we condemn discrimination in employment and occupation.



Fantastic Enterprise strongly disassociates itself from all kinds of corruption, including extortion and bribery. Fantastic Enterprise does not tolerate the acceptance, offering, promising or paying of bribes of any form. Reports of breaches to the policy will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate actions will be taken on the basis of such investigation.



Fantastic Enterprise has an integrated thinking with regard to the environmental consequences our production and products have on our employees, customers and surroundings. We use the word "environment" broadly to cover the disciplines of work environment, product environment and external environment. 

As an environmentally responsible company Fantastic Enterprise aims to create sustainable garments in knitwear, ladies/men’s wear, baby clothing, pets clothes, sports t-shirts, polo shirts, dress and any shapes. The considerations involved in the operation, design, and longevity of our products must be in mutual balance with the environmental impact of production. Fantastic Enterprise complies with existing legislation in the countries where we produce and sell our products. 




1.How should we start?
A. For sample or trial order: You may send as an inquiry through Taiwantrade, and we will issue an order directly under your inquiry with freight cost included.

B. For bulk order for our designs: You may send us your inquiry with the designs selected, quantities of each size, fabrics selected, branding options, the destination to ship to etc. We will advise the total amount of the order and approx. delivery time. On receipt of your 30% deposit payment will start production. When bulk ready will advise for you to pay the balance 70% and we will arrange shipment accordingly.

C. For bulk order for your own designs: You could give us your designs, artworks, preferred fabric composition and size chart, or simply a reference sample to start with. Then the same process above.


2.What about the payment term?
For sampling or trial order, we need you to pay 100% in advance. Then the first order please do 30% deposit before production and 70% before shipment. After that 100% before shipment.


3.Other Questions:

• Documents Required for Sampling(drawing, tech pack, etc): AI files preferred, but drawing, tech pack etc. all will be fine with us.
Do you help with pattern making? (Yes or No): Yes

• Do you do embroidery? (Yes or No): Yes

• Types of printing (e.g. Sublimation, reflective, etc): Screen Print, Sublimation, Paper Print, Rotary Print.
Do you make product packaging? (Yes or No): Yes
Do you design product packaging? (Yes or No): No but may provide suggestions
Do you help with product concept design? (Yes or No): Yes
ODM /White labeling available? (Yes or No): Yes

• Do you do OEM drop shipping? (Yes or No): No

• Do you do ODM drop shipping? (Yes or No): No

• Are you open to clients who have never produced before? (Yes or No): Yes

• Preferred contact method? (Email, Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, etc): Email

• Please answer all your production countries on price and craftsmanship

Production Country (Japan, Colombia, etc): Taiwan

• Production Capacity per month: 3,000

• Price (comparing to other manufacturers globally)

A) $  B)  $$  C) $$$  D) $$$$  E) $$$$$


A) Poor  B) Okay  C) Good  D) Excellent  E) Perfect

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)


    MOF - Manufacturer of Fashion

Last Update : 2020-04-23
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