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Machine,BC Series bottle washer

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Machine,BC Series bottle washer

Key Features



The BC Series bottle washer is a double end, mechanical drive and high flexibility solution for cleaning your demands of both returnable and non-returnable glass containers. This machine is a very good example of how it is possible to cleaning massive quantity of recycled glass containers with high degree of cleanness. In order to spatially separate contaminated and clean bottles, the BC Series was designed based on double end principle, where bottle infeed and discharge are taken places at two sides for best possible hygiene. With an impressive output of 800 bottles per minute, BC Series bottle washer is capable of offering the best cleaning solution for your beverage production line.

Despite the size of this machine, over 400 bottle carriers and 20000 bottle pockets are impressively driven by a single energy efficient motor. Modular maceration bath with standardized parts design allows daily maintenance work to be achieved with minimal downtime. Containers are cleaned via multiple stages of sophisticated cleaning procedures including pre-rinse, spray, caustic maceration and rebel removals. The cleaning technology of BC Series bottle washer is modular structured, where individual maceration tank, loop guide and pre-treatment system are combined to form a complete cleaning solution. Additional module can be integrated to suit your production line and the conditions of your glass bottles. The ultimate food grade cleaning solution for returnable glass containers.

Your benefit:

  • Reliable driving system with synchronized transmission system
  •    User-friendly control thanks to integrated human machine interface
  •    Compact design for optimal space utilization 
  •    Low energy wastage with high heat transfer rate tubular heat exchanger
  •    High flexibility thanks modular maceration bath and sub-system design
  •    Safety thanks to integration of mechanical and electrical safety devices

Method of operation:

Contaminated glass containers are fed into individual bottle pocket via bar loading system. Containers in bottle pockets will be carried row by row via uniquely designed high strength chain through multiple cleaning modules such as pre-treatment, pre-rinse, caustic maceration, fresh water. Tubular heat exchanger are used to increase the temperature in individual caustic tank, where containers will be macerated via concentration controlled caustic soda solutions at different temperature gradient. Labels on the bottle will be completely removed during the maceration process and discharged to collection trolley for disposal. Bottles will be rinsed via rotary and linear internal and external spray system before be discharged from the machine.

Facts and figures:

  • Production capability: 6000~48000BPH
  • Application containers: glass containers
  • Application container type: round, square shape
  • Application volume:350 to1000ml (design dependent)
  • Construction material: SUS304 stainless steel and painted carbon steel

Optional Equipments:

  • Automatic concentration dosing system
  • Label removal units

Last Update : 2016-08-10
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