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LED Module

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Refrigeration piece ceramic circuit board

Key Features

Ceramic circuit board for refrigeration appliances. As one of the top ceramic PCB suppliers in the region, we can offer you an excellent selection of customized circuit board products to suit your needs. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Tensky ceramic PCB is made up of innovative, research and development engineers the configuration, the target is the first leader professional Ceramic base plate, ceramic circuit board brought to workshop, using a semiconductor membrane technology for a customer with OEM/ODM service, Resolution, Customer in electronic circuit in various thermal heating, high pressure, and the problem.

Main materialsAl2O3 and AlN substrate.

Image layers metalTi, TiW, Cu , Ni, Pd , Au , Ag, AuSn, Sn, Al…and other metallize。

Primary market:high-power LED stand, cooling, optical communication components, optical power solar energy base plate, vehicle with electrical, air, and the electronic circuit board roadbed, and so on.

The special is high power LED market context, such as 1515, 2016, 3535, 5050, 6060, 1215 substrate, and  LED - COB integrated stand, practices, as well as UVLED stand, etc. product is the Secretary's main work specifications, provide customer professional views, reduced customer test and failure risk. 

  • Specification:OEM/ODM
  • Size:OEM/ODM
  • Introduction:Refrigeration applications of ceramic circuit board to provide professional OEM / ODM manufacturing services


With the rising awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, development and utilization in 

recent years, the concept of a semiconductor ion implantation changed the IC field conversion, combined with 

the application of ceramic circuit developed cold heat exchanger / tablets, can significantly reduce energy consumption, 

the company's vendors to assist cooling OEM production of ceramic substrates, the use of thermal conductivity 

and thermal properties of alumina or aluminum nitride, so cooler / film production is more stable; cooler / piece 

widely used in air-conditioners, refrigerators, cooling and other electrical products and electronic products to 

reduce power consumption .

Substrate Materials

Typical thickness (mm)
Typical dimension
Thermal conductivity
Al2O3 Wafer
0.38/ 0.5 /0.635/0.8/1mm
 4.5" /5”

20~27 W/mK

Al2O3 Chip
0.38/ 0.5 /0.635/0.8/1mm
AlN Wafer
0.38/ 0.5 /0.635
170~200 W/mK
ALN Chip
0.38/ 0.5 /0.635

Wafer Drawing

Laser drill for via-holes
Laser scribing
Line width for dicing saw
Clearance distance from edge to metalized pattern
Al2O3 Wafer
Single Face
Double face
With Via-holes
80~200 um,
150 um typically
substrate thickness,
1/3  substrate thickness typically
150~300 um,
200 um typically
6mm (as the thickness of the metalized layer less than 30 um);
8 mm (as the thickness of the metalized layer higher than 30 um)
AlN Wafer
Al2O3 Chip
ALN Chip

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C

Last Update : 2020-05-29
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